The Last Shot by Darcy Frey Chapter Outlines

11 November 2016

The Last shot Chapter by chapter outline by Darcy Frey Prologue Outline: A. States when the story happens. B. States what the story will be about, and who the story will follow. C. Introduces who the narrator is and how he came to write about the book. Chap 1 A. Describes the difficulties and disadvantages the boys have grown up in. B. Describes the reasons why basketball is so important to the boys. C. Tells about the manipulation and greed that is behind basketball recruiting. Chapter Two Outline: A. Introduces Tchaka Shipp B.

Gives a thorough character description of his skills, and goals. C. Tells of his first experience with the recruiters. Chapter Three Outline: A. Introduces Russell Thomas B. Gives a thorough character description of his skills, and goals. C. Follows him through leading events to the outcome of his tournament at the Empire State Game. Chapter 4: Outline A. Introduces Corey Johnson B. Gives a thorough description of his skills and past background. C. Follows him from the leading events up to the outcome of his game at the B/C All Stars Camp in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Chapter Five Outline: A. Continues with the four boys experience as the recruiters chase them. Chapter Six Outline: A. Tells about Tchaka and Russell’s (differing) experiences with the recruiters. B. Describes Lincoln High School’s failing educational system. C. Contrasts and compares how Tchaka’s and Russell’s personalities affect the way the Chapter Seven Outline: A. Continues telling more about Tchaka. B. Talks about the sports industry’s corrupt system Chapter Eight Outline: A.

Describes in detail about the recruitment process B. Gives the pros and cons about being recruited. C. Tells of the illegal dealings, and unfair stipulations related to the recruiting process. Chapter 9 Outline: A. Focuses on Tchaka Shipp and Russell Thomas prior to their decisions about choosing colleges. B. Describes for the first time Russell’s home life, and how he is supported. C. Gives a description to how Tchaka and Russell make their decisions, based on who they are most influenced by. Chapter 10: A.

Describes the last game of the season between Lincoln High School and Grady High School, and how well that Russell worked to help his team win. B. Tells about the growing tension and anxiety, especially on the parents side, about jeopardizing their children’s opportunities to get into college. C. Darcy Frey draws his own conclusions about the cruelty and disadvantages that Corey, Russell, Stephon, and Tchaka have faced when trying to fulfill their efforts to escape the life that their parents have been forced into because of poverty.

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