The leader plays a large part

1 January 2018

The leader plays a large part in setting the goals of the team this is why it is important for the leader to be able to motivate the team and the individuals and why making the work of the members achievable, enjoyably and fulfilling is important. A as leader it is in their interest to find out what motivates each and every member so that they can use it in order to inspire them to work to the best of their ability hence, increasing the chance of success. Its also important to find out what motivates the team as an entity itself so that goals can be modified to achieve set outcomes and satisfy every member of the team. A leader can gain commitment by being honest and frank regarding dealing with individuals in a fair, straightforward manner. This enable each individual the sense of achievement in proportion to their effort and so they are not reprimanded unfairly which decreases motivation and will to work or try.

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The leader plays a large part
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Commitment can also be acquired by setting a high level furthermore, by leading by example. This allows others to be self-motivated to succeed as they will behave how the leader is behaving, if the leader was messing about and/or didn’t care about his work, why should the team members? The leader is the keystone in the arch, if they were not committed to succeed then the majority of the group if not all would have no motivation, will or need to complete the task. A leader’s disregard of the importance motivation could undermine the gaining of team or individual commitment to objectives. This is due to the fact that individuals work by motivation, if I didn’t have motivation to do A-Levels, why would I be doing them? This highlights the importance of motivation.

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