The Liberalists and the Constitutional Act

An historical paper about the Constitutional Act of 1791 which split Canada into French and English parts.

This paper discusses the history of early Canada. It explains how the Loyalists who were banished from the United States, fled to Canada and how they became the core of the future English speaking population. It looks at the history of this act and the impact on the future of Canadian nationalism.
“More than two centuries ago, people living in the Thirteen Colonies, the origins of the United States of America, were forced to choose between the newly independent country of America or loyalty to the old country, England. During the American Revolution, more than 50 provincial corps of loyal Americans opposed the rebellion. The Loyalist corps were raised in all thirteen colonies and fought with the British throughout the war. They lost and were driven into exile by persecution, confiscation of their properties and threats upon their lives. At the end of the war, Sir Guy Carleton, later Lord Dorchester, was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the British forces and was responsible for the evacuation of the troops and Loyalists remaining in New York City. ”
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