The Library

3 March 2019

One day after school my two friends and I walked to the library. Boy was I glad to be out of school, it was so boring that day like serious. So as we were walking they started shouting weird things.

“OH YEAH!” Chelsea had shouted. I started laughing and Sarah says “OH YEAHH!” Sarah started talking about how Chelsea was rubbing her ear one day while staring at this dude in our class. Ha ha ha it was quite funny, their voices were all high pitched. Then when we crossed the street there was this group of dudes playing baseball in the field next to the field house. Chelsea found it necessary to say “Oh yeah, go get that baseball!”

“Oh yeah, you go get that baseball, you go get that baseball!” Sarah shouted. She’s really funny, like if I’m sad she can make me laugh and it’s awesome.

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So is Chelsea, when their together its even better. The only reason I like going to school is because of them.

Anyway, when we got to the library it was really funny. I got on the monkey bar things and I was swinging but when I went up then down then up again. I hit my head really hard on the bar and me and Chelsea laughed for about 10 minutes. I do the most stupidest things you could ever imagine doing in public.

Then we went inside and I checked out a couple books and then we went back outside. I kept sliding down the slide. About 15 minutes later, Chelsea’s mother came. Chelsea’s mother is awesome for the most part.

“Don’t you think your too old to be sliding down slides?” she yells. I smile back at her and say “Ha, not old enough!” She laughs and asks Chelsea if she wants to go somewhere and she goes. So I went in and called my grandpa and he came and picked me up. Sarah’s father picked her up. That was about the funnest day I’ve ever had at the library.

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