The Lieutenant: A Character Analysis

4 April 2015
This essay examines the character of the lieutenant in Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory.

This paper is a character analysis of the anonymous lieutenant in Graham Greene’s “The Power and the Glory.” It focuses primarily on his anti-religious views, the doubts and changes he goes through when the priest begins to speak and reason with him, and the roles that he plays throughout the novel.

From the paper:

“In order for a character to be truly effective, it is necessary for the character to play an important role, undergo change, and above all, be interesting. In Graham Greene’s novel The Power and the Glory, there are two characters that fit this typecast best, the priest and the lieutenant. Both of these characters’ destinies are intertwined, and it impossible to talk about one without mentioning the other; however, of the two, there is the one who changes (the lieutenant), and the one who does the changing (the priest).

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Therefore, the character that most fully matches the definition of an effective character outlined above would be the lieutenant.”

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