The Life of a Pirate by Cady Groves

8 August 2019

Every day I wake up to the blaring laughter of my alarm clock, smack it, and grab my iPod. See, part of my morning routine is listening to my “Wake Up” playlist. Some of the music is uplifting, like Group 1 Crew; some is quiet and happy, like Jack Johnson; and some puts the worries out of my head, like Mika. But the one artist who does it all is Cady Groves.

This country/pop star started singing when she was 7, and now, at 21, still radiates with musical talent. Her first album, “A Month of Sundays,” came out in 2009, and listeners raved. Five months later, Cady released “The Life of a Pirate” on iTunes, and people once again were blown away by her voice and lyrics. She’s been featured in songs by bands like Plug In Stereo, Breathe Electric, and the artist Ethan Gibson.

The lyrics of Cady’s songs describe both dream-like fantasies and realistic memories of passion that all ages can enjoy, though most of her fans are teenagers.

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Free of vulgar language and adult content, Cady sings of teenage love and loss with a Southern accent. Most of her songs have guitar, piano, clapping, and drums. No ­computer-generated electronic sounds here; the music is played by her or the band.

“Changin Me” is a moving song about living life to the fullest, while the title track is about escaping the drama and hubbub of the world. “A Town Like This” has relaxing vocals with her soothing guitar-playing behind it, and the sad but inspiring “Phoenix” teaches us that we can move on after a break-up.

By the time I am ready to head out the door, I’m awake. I’m not sure whether I have my mint toothpaste to thank or my “Wake Up” playlist, but one thing is for sure: Cady Groves definitely has something to do with it.

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