The Life of Biggie Smalls

3 March 2018

Baggie’s fame, riches, and youth were prematurely ended by the hands of a drive-by shooter, ironically enough is killer has yet to make himself notorious and is still on the loose, however baggie’s lyrical messages stay strong and still empower some to this day.

The Hip hop genre was once a style only party going New Yorker’s knew about in the sass’s; yet it has grown to be one of the most widely listened to genres of today.Initially word about this new style Of music making got around, influencing famous rappers such as Tuba Shaker and Biggie Smalls to write their inspirational songs using this fairly new style of music making. Common knowledge will tell you that hip hop has grown in popularity over the years, ND since hip hop has become sub divided into various styles, hip hop has allowed more and more people to express themselves through this genre of music hence hip hop’s growing fame.Once hip hop had become something people all over were listening to, any dramatic event that happened between the rappers that led the hip hop industry instantly became what everyone was talking about. For example the East coast and West coast rivalry between Biggie Smalls and Tuba Shaker, respectively, started with one of Biggie Smalls albums where he featured an artist named Tim Dog in a song, and in hat song he spoke about how he was turned down by a west coast record label and made a mockery of a rapper in the same record label.

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