The Life Story of James McBride Essay Sample

9 September 2017

In the terminal people have the power to influence and alteration other people’s lives. in The Color of Water by James McBride ; James learns many of import life lessons from the people around him and in his life and how to be a leader non a follower. Possibly the greatest influence on James is the Chicken adult male who teaches James to acquire an instruction. to assist James to happen finding in life. and non to acquire in to a adult male and adult female statement if you’re non in it with them.

The poulet adult male teaches James the importance of holding an instruction. traveling to school and being educated in life. while wage off in his life-time. The Chicken adult male tells James that if he drops out of school no 1 will implore him to come back to school and acquire his instruction that he necessitate in life.

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“You think if you drop out of school person is traveling to implore you to come back? Hell no! They won’t implore your black buttocks to travel back” ( McBride 150 ) . James is believing that people will care for him to travel back to school but the Chicken adult male told him that he’s merely another black child non making anything with his life.

James first occupation was working at the stat mi. pumping gas. alteration tyres. hole flats and it was down the block from the his corner. Before James got fired for Equus caballus playing around in the store. he had a small job with one of his boss’s friends Mr. Herman. James had a fistfight with him because Mr. Herman’s friend was picking on him and doing merriment of him. “If you want to drop of school and shoot people and bent on this corner all your life. travel in front. It’s your life! ” ( McBride 150 ) . But the Chicken adult male told him that if he wanted to stop up in gaol and remain on this corner for the remainder of his life and non making nil with his life and with no instruction so travel for it it’s his life to populate non nobody else’s. In the terminal. the Chicken adult male was a great influence on James’s life and taking him in the right way. non the incorrect way to devastation.

The Chicken Man teaches James how to assist James to happen finding in life and non make nil with is life. James wants to hit and kill this cat that he got into a fisticuffs with. merely cause he was doing merriment of him and naming him names. “Is that how you want to stop up. traveling to imprison for him. because that’s where you’ll stop up. making clip and hanging on this corner when you get out” ( McBride 150 ) . But the Chicken adult male saves James life by stating him how he is traveling to stop up for the remainder of his life. When Chicken adult male negotiations about how smart everyone including himself. but nobody attentions about how smart you. you are on your ain in this universe on larning your instruction and is successful in life. “And nobody’ll give a darn neither” ( McBride 150 ) . The Chicken adult male explains that anybody can be the smartest adult male in the universe but without the common cognition and instruction you can non acquire anyplace in life. Overall. did non desire to travel to imprison so he listened to the Chicken man’s advice and did non hit the adult male who made merriment of him and called him names. The Chicken adult male teaches James how to non acquire in to a adult male and adult female statements if you are non in it with them.

When James saw microphone and mustang combat he wanted to leap in and halt it but the Chicken adult male prevented him from leaping in. “Leave that entirely. New York! ”… That’s between him and his woman” ( McBride 152 ) . After seeing mustang acquiring slapped hard in the face. James wanted to safe her from acquiring beaten and state microphone to halt hitting her. but the Chicken adult male said no. If you’re non in the battle while it began so it best you stay out of it. When two work forces and adult female are contending and acquire physical ne’er of all time acquire involved between them. merely sit back. ticker and see what happens. “ Don’t ne’er get between adult male and his woman” ( McBride 152 ) .

This is a life lesson for James to non seek and be a hero and acquire hurt or killed for seeking to assist a adult male and his adult female statement. After seeing microphone and mustang makeup the Chicken adult male says that’s why he does non wish to get down statements with his adult female because after a period of clip you are traveling to experience bad emotional and want to apologise for things you said and did. “ That’s why I don’t have no statements with no adult female. ” it don’t make nil but sap you around” ( McBride 152 ) . But non long after. the Chicken adult male and his adult female acquire into an statement and went off to work. But subsequently on his adult female got a gun and shot the Chicken adult male from the dorsum. He laired at that place. coughed a few times so on the floor he died from a gun shooting to the dorsum. In the terminal. James learns that assisting a adult male and adult female contending isn’t worth losing his life over it and it doesn’t solve anything. merely leads to more active so doing up in the terminal.

In decision. James’s most influenced friend is the Chicken adult male because he teaches James he to esteem adult female and to be something in life non to be a typical black male child running in the streets of Kentucky non making nil with his life. The Chicken adult male was first-class function theoretical account for taking James on the right way to the key to success and experience of life.

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