The Life to Protect

This research paper will be talking about the protection of both the humans and animals and how the food chains and the cycle of life are important to maintain the balance of life. it also will be talking about the extinction of animals around the world is a big issue that may or may not be an issue in the cycle of lives and the survival of both humans and animals.

From hunters and gatherers to the time when humans take the flight to space and the moon, humans have been at each other’s throats and constantly declaring war on each other for land, power, and fame, but other want peace and keep people from dying. The animals kingdom is consensual at war with themselves as well, but that all comes in a complete circle in the food chains and the cycle of life. Both humans and animals are important because to support each other the food chains and the cycle of life have to be maintained its balance to keep the balance of life in check. There are several books that have many issues with this problem like the Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, the catcher in the rye, and The Truth.

The book Old Man and The Sea have many quotes that have related to how the fisherman and the Native Americans have somewhat similar ways that they treat their fish or the buffalo that they have caught or hunted. One example is “Fish, he said softly, aloud, I’ll stay with you until I am dead.” (Hemingway 105-106) this has shown that Santiago has respect for the fish and wanted to show him his gratitude and how he had saved his life just like the Native Americans did when they hunted the buffalo, not just for sport or to gain a reputation for themselves but to survive. The old man in the book gave the head of the marlin to the boy as a gift for coming back alive from the sea and to show other people that his luck as a fisherman has not yet faded away and a similar thing has happened to the native Americans as well, they used every part of the buffalo such as the skins for clothes, and bones for weapons and tools. The point is that the old man Santiago and the Native Americans are similar because Santiago was being helped by Manolin just like the Native Americans being put in reservation camps and “kept safe” from others.

While on the topic of being protected by people that are using you to get something they want, The Great Gatsby has quotes and actions that related to being used by other and later tossed out like and an old rag. The quote “I love you now – isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past.” (Fitzgerald 132) this shows that Daisy and used Gatsby for his love for her. The other quotes that work together are “ Well I tried to swing the wheel- he broke off and suddenly I guessed the truth. Was Daisy Driving.” (Fitzgerald 143)“ Once in a while she looked up at him and nodded in agreement”(Fitzgerald 145) both of these quotes tell that Daisy knows that if everyone knows that he the one who is “driving” the car then she won’t be blamed for Myrtle’s death and Gatsby will be the one who will take the blame. She has used Gatsby his feeling towards her to get out of trouble and when she’s done she just toss him out like an old rag. The cycle never ends the poor get used by the rich for their own benefits and the weak will be dominated by the strong.

Protecting the life cycle of both the humans and the animals will sometime lead to something that will throw something off balance. Everywhere around the world there’s invading species like the Africanized bee which is an invasive species to America that is brought from Brazil to increase the production of honey while doing so the African honey bee begins to take over most of South America while the local Brazilian honey bees population is slowly decreasing slowly killing the local populations of animals and bees. There are other invasive species like rabbits, fire ants, starlings and many more. All these invasive species compete with the local species for resources, they have thrown off the balance of the local ecosystem to the point where the animals that are localized to the area’s population to go down. Animals is not the only the one that is an invasive species to the world plants can as well as the purple loosestrife which can spread up to 2 million seed every year can the root of the plant is also preventing other plants nearby to gather nutrients from the ground and lay waste to other plants around the area.

Animals and plants are the foundation of our lives, without them society is nothing. Peoples have been using the animals as both a farm animal that provides foods and good for the human to be used and our loyal friend that never betray the trust that human has given to them.

The wolf is a great example they protected people when they are just trying to protect their young from harm. They have been with the human that is way passed in the year where people still travels around and carries any necessary item that needs to survived and the wolf is one of the first animals that have helped to carry the good of humanity.

Now moving on with the books that tie up to the life cycle and the balance in life. The catcher in the rye is another one of the book that has talked about protecting thing in his own way, Holden the main character Holden who recently lost his brother Allie to leukemia. Losing his brother cause him a great deal of pain both physically and mentally he started now to trust anyone even his own family expect one Phoebe is the little sister to Holden and she knows how Holden is feeling when Allie has died. To protect what he has left Holden has made up his mind that he will be the one to protect what little innocents the world has left for the children’s.

Physical harms are not the only things people needed to be protectsd from, they have to also worry about both emotionally and psychologically harm other people. Many types of research have shown children that have experienced their parents going through the divorce has many emotion and psychological effect. Children who are still young has the tendency to think that if their parent stop to love one another they will stop to love them as well and kids that are in grade school they will think that their parent divorce is their fault and kids that are in their teen usually be blaming one or both of their parents for what they have experience thought and cause mental breakdown. In the book Collateral Damage: Guiding and Protecting Your Child Through the Minefield of Divorce it has talked about how almost fifty percent of American citizen household has experience of having to live separately for even already divorced. With the quote “People at war with themselves will always cause collateral damage in the lives of those around them.” this has shown how when the parent is arguing with themselves the lives of their kids begin to fade away slowly. Protecting can also mean yourself you don’t have to protect but to protect yourself from something that might hurt you or even kill you. There are many books that talked about protecting other that goes into why the main character or the character we meet later on wanted to protect other.

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expelled from prep school. Not wanting his parent to know, he went to New York to spend some time away from the real world and wait for christmas to come. He has counted many of the advencher he has done and seen many people who is phony in what they do.

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