The life

6 June 2017

He was the youngest of five (5) children yet the most successful of them all. He went to elementary school at Cleveland Elementary School and continued his studies at Pasemada Junior High School. He then graduated high school from Muir High School in Pasadena, California. He played baseball, basketball, football, and ran track as a mustang in high school. In 1932 he severely broke his ankle in a football game. He later got an athletic scholarship to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) for baseball, basketball, football, and track.

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He umped a record of 25 feet and six (6) and a half inches at the Southern California Junior College (SCJC) track and field meet. His senior year of college he married Rachael ‘slum. A few years later in 1942 he was drafted into the army. He was later promoted to Army 2nd Lt. and then arrested for refusing to sit in the back of a segregated military bus. In 1945 Jackie Robinson’s baseball career started as he signed a contract to play baseball with the Kansas City Monarchs for $400 a month (that’s about $5100 now) to be their short stop. He was later placed in the Negro League All-Star Game that year.

In 1946 he was signed over to play in the minor leagues for the Montreal Royals until he was called up to play in the majors with the Brooklyn dodgers in 1947. On April 14, 1947 he was debut in his first Major League Baseball game at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York. At that moment he became the first African-American to ever play in Major League history. He won rookie of the year in 1947 with 48 stolen bases, 175 hits, 12 home runs, and a batting average of . 297. Robinson played as an infielder and an outfielder for the Dodgers during the years of 1947-1956. He was voted Most

Valuable Player (MVP) in 1949. Robinson also won the Batting Championship in 1949 with a batting average of . 342. Jackie Robinson couldn’t sleep or even eat from the same places that his team slept and ate from Just because he was African-American. On May 13, 1947 the Brooklyn Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds at Cincinnati. A lot of fans where yelling racial slurs at Robinson and Dodgers shortstop Pee Wee Reese decided to put his arm around Robinson and say these exact words mfou can hate a man for many reasons. Color is not one of them,” as a response to fans yelling racial lurs at Robinson.

The Dodgers went on to win that game against the Reds. On august 29, 1948 Robinson “hit for the cycle” with a home run, a triple, a double, and a single against the St. Louis Cardinals, they won that game 12-7. Jackie was a six (6) time all-star between the years ot 1 t 1954 He nad his tirst appearance in the MLB all-star game in 1949. Later in that year he took the Dodgers to the World Series but ended up losing the series to the New York Yankees. In 1950 Robinson starred as himself in a movie called “The Jackie Robinson Story’. Jackie Robinson was in six (6)

World Series but only won one (1) in 1955 against the New York Yankees. Robinson didn’t play in 49 games that season and missed game seven (7). In 1957, at age 37 Robinson retired from baseball due to diabetes. That means he only had a ten (10) year career in the MLB. In 1962 Jackie Robinson was inducted to the baseball Hall of Fame. Robinson died on October 24, 1972 due to a heart attack. Jackie Robinson was an amazing all around athlete. He broke the color barrier in baseball to allow any African-American that had the skill to play baseball in the majors get the opportunity o play.

Robinson had many tough decisions, like whether if he should fght back and possibly get killed if he did or not fght back and Just let them keep on saying what they want. Now every year on April 15 every Major League Baseball team plays and every player wears the number 42 in remembrance of Jackie Roosevelt Robinson. His number is being worn by only one person, Mariano Rivera. After Mariano Rivera is retired from baseball the number 42 will be retired from the MLB forever except for one day and one day only, April 15.

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