The Light

1 January 2017

Good morning one and all. Education is the light of our life It is the key to a bright future Of not only ours but also of the nation’s It gives our thinking a different appearance And helps drive away all our ignorance It leads us to the path of the success Knowing the significance of it without education, we realize we are somewhere incomplete. Without education people can be easily cheated, be-fooled & deceived. Education is the movement from darkness to light.

Many people in our country do not receive education because of poverty, lack of educational facilities or social conditioning, especially in case of girls. Adult education is very important because many elderly people feel helpless at times of need and have been dependent on others for many various small things. There is a saying that is very popular “better late than never. ” The aim of adult education is to see that every person in the country knows at least the three R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic.

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Such knowledge is absolutely necessary for every person living in a democratic country. it also helps in boosting up the confidence of an individual, at the same time it opens new doors of success by increasing the job prospects. The same goes for the old age, when people need to maintain identity, health, social engagement and wellbeing during the final stages of life. They can kill their boredom by reading newspapers and magazines, and broaden their mindsets. The world is changing The entire human race consist of education We are in a modern world

The very first 21st century Where scientists determine the course of the future No knowledge is a waste Learning starts from birth And does not end until death. If a man is educated, only an individual is educated. But if a woman is educated, the whole family is educated. This will even help to change the society as a whole. Government has taken up many programs for this purpose. Generally almost all the work of adult education is done free. It is done out of a spirit of social service. The importance of the work has now fully recognized all over the country.

The government of the States has extended their patronage and encouragement to adult education institutions. I strongly agree that the Adult Education is a noble work in which even students can take active part. It is a plan of work by which everyone who knows a little can pass it on to those that know less. Education, imagination and determination are the keys to success. Here in our story, Krishtakka imagined to read the novel on her own, tried to educate herself with the help of her granddaughter, and her determination brought her success to be independent in her life.

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