The Literacy Debate

4 April 2015
An examination of the debate by educators over the best methods for teaching reading and literacy skills.

Educators seek effective teaching strategies to improve literacy and general understanding, and those who educate teachers try to emphasize pedagogies that will be valuable and successful. This paper presents the arguments of various educators and their theories are compared and contrasted.
“Martin (1989) discusses writing and teaching writing and raises the question of “the extent to which explicit knowledge about language on the part of the learner is a desirable or a useful thing” (Martin, 1989, v). Martin disagrees with those who believe that language can be dissociated from meaning, a view which would lead to the teaching of language “rules” which does not pay enough attention to meaning “and the critical role of language in the building of meaning” (Martin, 1989, v-vi). Other educators have indicated agreement with this idea.”

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