The Lone Ranger was an icon of the Wild West.  He was the doogooder that everyone could always relate to and was always there in the time of need.  He fought our monsters, though monsters then were the bad guys and he portrayed a solid foundation of friendships with his horse Silver and Tonto and we all envied that friendship.

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The Lone Ranger was always the hero and he didn’t hold the label in an arrogant way.  When he first debuted on radio it was at first something to take us away from the humdrum of life and to show us a different Wild West reality and son he became friends with all those who listened.  Everyone was able to feel as if he was right there along beside them.  We were able to hear and feel the joy and love, not only in the radio show but on TV as well.  It was like a god’s portrayal of what humanity could be like and should have been.

The one biggest reason why we loved the Lone Ranger was because of the courage he showed.  His ability to pick us up when we were down and in the end he never left our side, even upon his passing away.

Clayton Moore passed away just a mere 9 years ago, leaving an ache, knowing that after 50 years of knowing him, almost intimately, we would never hear or see him again except in our memories.  Today he can still bring together the feeling should reruns be played and for that day, the invocation of these feelings will last.

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