The Longest Day vs. Saving Private Ryan

4 April 2015
A personal comparison between two movies regarding the horrors of WWII and how they are similar while being very different.

The comparison of two WWII movies and how they are both very important in teaching the history of what “The Greatest Generation” did for us and freedom.
“For my assignment, I have chosen to compare, contrast, and review two of my favorite war movies. As a historical preservationist, I enjoy watching movies relating to American and world history,but I also have a bad habit of scrutinizing them for errors. Is the character wearing the correct uniform? Did that really take place or was it made up for the movie? I felt that these two movies, which both dealt with the time around June 6, 1944 (D-Day), would be a good pair to look at from the old Hollywood style and the new “television age and beyond” movie style.”

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