The Lost Boys of Sudan

9 September 2016

The students will watch the Documentary; God Grew Tired of Us, about the lives of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”. They will take notes on the key points in the Lost Boy’s journey as well as notes on the life lessons we could learn from them as people. Instructions: Your Essay will have 6 paragraphs and will be no longer than 2 pages, single spaced with size 12 font. The essay must include a descriptive title and a picture that is labeled with a caption below. Paragraph # 1: Introductory Paragraph

The Walking Journey Out of Sudan (facts) Paragraph # 3: Life in the Kakuma Refugee Camp (facts) Paragraph # 4: Transition to Life in North America (facts) Paragraph # 5: Three – Five Important Life Lesson Learned from the Lost Boys (more of a personal opinion and reflection) Paragraph # 6: Concluding Paragraph Checklist for your Good Copy: Evaluation: Descriptive Title/1 Introductory Paragraph (intro sentence, set up sentences, concluding sentence)/3 The Walking Journey Paragraph (intro sentence, min.

The Lost Boys of Sudan Essay Example

Kakuma Life Paragraph (intro sentence, min. 5 content sentences, concluding sentence)/5 Transition to N. A. Paragraph (intro sentence, min. 5 content sentences, concluding sentence)/5 Life Lessons Paragraph (intro sentence, min. 6 content sentences, concluding sentence)/5 Introductory Paragraph (intro sentence, conclusion sentences, concluding sentence)/3 Appropriate Labeled Picture/2 Spelling and Grammar/3 Total/32 Lost Boys of Sudan: From the Movie – God Grew Tired of Us The Facts Concerning Their 20+ Year Journey

The 5 Year Journey: (1987 – 1992) to flee to the south. The Kakuma Refugee Camp (1992 – 2002 when filming began) <> New Life in the USA: (2002 ( ) Life Lessons from the Lost Boys of Sudan 1. It is never too late to learn: 2. There can always be a new beginning in life, never give up: 3. Believe in yourself and your potential: 4. Hard work leads to opportunities: 5. Helping family and friends is important in life: 6. It is important for people to maintain their culture: 7. People in North America need to be more friendly with strangers / new immigrants / with each other:

People need to work and add something to their society in order to feel fulfillment: 9. Look out for the less fortunate, think of others, be selfless: 10. Give back to your communities: 11. Take on leadership opportunities whether they be big or small: 12. Don’t take life for granted: 13. Don’t judge a person from their appearance 14. Don’t waste resources 15. Never say never: a bit vague, you can explain it 16. Don’t take your family for granted 17. Maintain hope 18. Have patience 19. Money isn’t everything

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