The Lost thing

7 July 2016

The first short cartoon film clip is the ‘Lost Thing’ written by Shaun Tan which is about a boy who finds a strange, bazaar, completely oversized creature on a beach, and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to. Having guessed that it is lost, the other problem is that it is met with indifference by everyone else, who barley notices its presence.

The second film clip is called ‘Nobody Likes a Bogan’, Containing stereotypical elements represented in the lyrics and actual film clip such as the two main characters nick names for example “His real name is Barry, but his mates call him Bazza, and also “His girlfriend’s names Sharon, but you can just call her “Shazza”. In the video clip ‘Lost Thing’ the gigantic creature was all alone, nobody payed any attention to it what so ever, no one claimed it, it looked depressed, and it was also looking around continuously which means it was looking for someone to pay attention to it.

The Lost thing Essay Example

A boy then goes up to it and takes it home to his parents, the enormous thing somehow fit through the door and was in the lounge room. His parents are represented by not paying any attention at all and continued to ignore the fact that there was a strange massive creature inside the house. His parents came across as they did not care less what was happening in the surroundings. The ‘lost thing’ is just an unidentified creature who was alone, had nowhere to go, didn’t know what was going on and was trapped inside a world he had no idea how it functioned its everyday life.

The ‘Nobody Likes a Bogan” film clip is a stereotyped clip describing how supposably “Bogans” live there everyday life such as “Shazza & Bazza”. Bazza’s attitude towards Shazza is quite disrespectful and he expects her to do everything for him for example he’s saying how she is the top wife to have because she gets him a stubby while watching sport “Real top Sheila, real top sort, She’ll even change your stubby while you’re watching sport”. In the film Bogans are labelled as sloppy, lazy, scruffy, poor and quite gross.

For instants “He drives a VK commodore with alloy wheels, with a homemade spoiler made from CRAPPY STEEL, shows how they can’t afford to fix or buy a new car. “With his ripped blue jeans and a flannel shirt” shows how the Bogans dress and how they don’t care what they wear really as long as they are comfortable in it. “His no fear sticker is his pride and joy” expresses that everyone should back off because he is a real top bloke, ruthless, tough, and his mullet hair. In conclusion the more we know about something the more of an identity it has because it can be related more to the outside world.

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