The Louisiana Purchase Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

The Louisiana Purchase Essay, Research Paper

The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the Gallic state of Louisiana by the

United States in 1803. The state stretched from the Mississippi River due west to the

Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico northerly to Canada, covering an country

equal to that of the United States, prior to the purchase. Except for the Mississippi River

on the E and Canada on the North, the boundaries were indefinite. The United States

besides claimed West Florida between the Mississippi and Perdido rivers as portion of the

purchase, but Spain denied the claim. As a consequence of the purchase, the port of New

Orleans and the full Mississippi system were secured for American shippers, and the

state was free to spread out toward the Pacific Ocean. The monetary value wa $ 15,000,000 for an

country of 828,000 square stat mis ( 2,145,000 kilometer ) & # 8211 ; less than 3 cents an acre.

In 1800, Napoleon Bonaparte got Spain to return it by a secret pact. Napoleon planned

a Gallic imperium in the New World, with its centre at New Orleans. President Jefferson

was qui vive to the dangers of a powerful state commanding the oral cavity of the Mississippi. He

instructed the American curate

to France, Robert R. Livingston, to open dialogues to

purchase New Orleans and some territory E of the metropolis. A pact would hold to fulfill the

fiscal claims that some United States citizens had against the Gallic authorities.

Finally the Gallic continued to claim that the state still belonged to Spain. Jefferson

sent James Monroe to assist with the dialogues, and authorized him to pass no more

than $ 10,000,000. Bonaparte offered Livingston and Monroe the full state of

Louisiana in a pact dated April 30, 1803. The American negotiants agreed to pay

$ 11,250,000 to France and $ 3,750,000 for the Gallic debts to United States citizens.

The purchase forced Jefferson to give a wide reading to the Constitution, which

did non specifically grant authorization for geting new district. This reading set the

case in point for later pacts that added to United States district. The US Senator

quickly ratified the purchase pact, despite political resistance by the Federalists. The

country officially became United States district on December 20, 1803. However it was 16

old ages before the exact boundaries were established, by the Adams-On? s Treaty with


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