The love triangle

The love triangle.

It was a week before halloween when it happened. I was walking down my road towards home after school. I was with Zake my boyfriend when Staci Kelly and her gang came up to us. Everybody knows Staci has a thing for Zake. “What do you want Staci?” Zake says impatiley but cool and down to earth. Staci gives him a look as if to say “you have no right to talk to me like that”. But than it changes.She walkes up to Zake and puts her hand out to touch his shoulder.He moves back towards me and claps my hand in his. “Come on Sarah, lets go back to mine” as I walked by Staci I stuck out my tough at her.I saw her face turn pure red.”Zake!” “Yeah” ” Look” He looked back at Staci and saw that she was outraged.She went to puche me but Zake jumped in between us before she got me.She ended up boxing Zake in the eye! I feel so bad! “Zake……are you ok?” I said near tears. “I’m fine”said Zake almost matter-of-factly.But I wasn’t sure from the tone of his voice.I didn’t like the tone of his voice very much.Staci had her hand over her mouth,upset that she had hit Zake and not me.Then she looked over at me.I knew that Zake couldn’t save me this time.Staci’s face turned into pure hatered.” Staci….how did this get so far?.We used to be best friends!” I said in tears.” YOU got ZAKE! Thats what happened.You knew that I had a crush on him but you still went for it without even telling me that you liked him.You always said that you hated him.What changed?”Now we both were in tears. I started to think about that I. But I couldn’t think of a reason that I could tell either Zake or Staci.So I just ran home in tears. “Sarah?” Zake turned to look at Staci. “What did you do?” “I didn’t do anything.She just a drama queen.She always was and always will be” Staci shouted and than walked away, with her friends following close by.

It was the night before halloween.I was out with Zake,Kelly,Lucy,Terry,Rob,Dave,Stepeine snd Christine.We were playing truth and dare when a boy from Staci’s group(my old group) called Steven came up to us. “Hey……..Sarah.Could I talk to you for a second” Things were kinda awarad between us since Steven broke up with me about a year ago.But it was worse now since I’m with Zake.Zake stared at Steven wondering who he was.”I don’t think thats a good idea Steven” “No Sarah.Staci asked me to talk to you” I decied to hear him out.To see what Staci had to say.Maybe she was sorry and wanted to makeup.She always got someone to appolize for her.She was never any good at it.”Ok than Steven.You’ve got ten minutes” I walked over to a wall abit away from everyone else. And jumped up onto it. Steven stood abit away from me with his arms crossed.” Staci saw you and your friends playing truth and dare and said that you’d never take one if someone dared you to spend the night in the old haunted house down the road” I was outraged.Staci didn’t know me anymore.She couldn’t say that.I put my face into my hands.And when I admerged tears rolling down my cheeks Zake’s hands were on my knees.I looked around but Steven was gone.”Staci just dared me to spend the………” Zake intruputed me.”I know” “I have to prove her wrong” “What?. Your not staying in that house alone.I won’t let you” Zake turned protective.” Come with me than” “Ok. But if the rest of the group goes too?” “Ok”.

I throw my bag onto my bed fully packed.They throw on some make up to take away the look of terror. Than I take the bobin out of my hair and let it down. I pick up my brush and straitghtener to fix it.Ten minutes later the door bell goes.But I’m still fixing my hair because for some reason it won’t work.Its so fustrateing! “Sarah?” Calles my Mam. Opening the door I call back “What?” “Zake’s here” Damn.He can’t see me like this.”Send him up.But tell him the wait outside the door” “Ok”. I close the door and walk back over to the mirrior and straightener.When I’m finished I grab my bag and jacket.”Come on” I say opening the door and grabing Zake’s hand.I skip down the stairs to cover how terrifed I am.Outside Rob’s house (where we decied to meet everyone) I grab hold of Christine’s hand (tight). She looks at me in surpise. “Hey” I say trying to let her know how terified I am.She nods in agreement and understanding.We start to walk towards the house that we’d be spending the night.I started to squesse Zake’s hand unknowingly.”Whats wrong?” Zake says surpiseingly.He makes me jump by talking so suddenly.Because just a second ago he was talking to Dave about some girl at school.He puts his hands on my shoulders to steady me.”Guys go on.I’m just going to talk to Sarah for a second” “We’ll wait over here” Says Steph,Kelly,Lucy and Christine in unsion.”Ok girls.Whats going on?” The guys say in unsion.I glance at Christine.”Lucy! Not a word” The girls say.”Sarah?” Zake says worrying.”We’re only human” “Guys their terrifed” Says Terry.

I look at my watch wanting this night to end. It said eleven o’clock. We got here at eight.We were lying in sleeping bags in a circle on the floor. Zake was beside me and then Chistine on the other side.An hour later the big old grandfather clock started to chime.I jumped in fear and moved closer to Zake.”Its ok” Said Zake rubbing my back to calm me.I climbed out of my sleeping bag when I relised that I needed to go to the bathroom. But the problem was none of us had gone yet and we didn’t know where it was.”Where are you going?” Said Zake. “To the bathroom.Christine?” “Urh.Why?” “Because I need to talk to you” Zake glanced over at me.”Fine” “Can I come?” Lucy asked. “No Lucy” I say. “Kelly?.Steph?” “Coming” They both say in unison.”They get to go!” Lucy says back angryly.”Yeah. Because you’ll blab!” “No I won’t!” Everyone stares at Lucy like she just told the biggest lie ever.” What I won’t!” She sounded so sure of herself. But I couldn’t take the chance of her telling Zake.The four of us stode up and walked out of the room.Lucy looked down at the floor.No one likes me because I can’t keep a sercet.I knew it.(Lucy’s mind) A tear rolled down my cheek.”Lucy are you ok?” Asked Terry.”Yeah” Lucy said wiping away the tears from her cheeks.”Lucy can I talk to you for a second?. While the girls are gone” Said Terry. “Sure” “In private” “Ok sure” Lucy stode up with Terry and walked out of the room.(In the bathroom) “So what do you want to talk about?” Christine said as I was washing my hands. “Oh right.I’m really worried about Zake.We haven’t had our first kiss yet” They looked so surpised.” Are you kidding?” Asked Steph.”I wish” “Maybe hes just trying to find the right time” “Maybe.But its been two monutes.Surely there had to be a few times” “Maybe he was scared about how you’d react” “I don’t know.But if he dosn’t kiss me after tonight I’m making the first move” I wish he would just do it. “You can’t!The girl dosn’t make the first move” “I know”

(Lucy and Terry)”So what did you want to talk to me about?” Asked Lucy.”Lucy………I really like you” “I really like you too Terry.We’re best friends” “No Lucy.I mean I Iike you as more than a friend” Suddenly my whole life purpose made sense.I was totally in love with Terry.And he felt the same way! I was speechless.That never happens! Terry leaned in and kissed me.It felt so wonderful. I almost shouted with utter joy.When he pulled back I smiled up at him and bite my lip.”Whoa” I said.”Thanks” Terry said,his usual joky self.My head went back while I laughed at him.”Shut up” “Will you go out with me?” “A date?” I said,not leting myself belive this was actally happening.”Yeah” “Of course I’ll go out with you Terry” When I relised that I sounded like a chessy romance film,I laughed at myself. I felt Terry’s arms go around my waist.We began to kiss again.(In the bathroom) “Ok guys.Lets go back to Lucy.You know how she dosn’t like to be left alone with the guys” I said to the girls.”Yeah.Why dosn’t she by the way?” Christine said.”I promised her I wouldn’t say” “Ok than” We walked back out to the guys and Lucy.But when we got back Lucy wasn’t there.”Wheres Lucy?” I asked Zake.”With Terry” When Zake said that all the girls smiled for Lucy.”Finally”Said Steph.”What?.Does Lucy like Terry?” Said Rob. “Well duh” I said back to him.”Cheeky” Said Rob than slaped me across the face.But by an accident he really hurt me.I ran out of the room crying.When I stoped runing and sat down on the floor zake came out and sat beside me.He pulled me into him and let me cry on his shoulder.He started to stroke my hair.When I stoped crying and looked up at him he started to rub my cheek.”Stop Zake” I said anored.He looked confused.”What Sarah?.Whats wrong?” “Nothing” I knew I wasn’t convicing but I had to try.”Sarah?” “I’m just sared!” I half-lied. ” I know baby.Come on.Lets go back to everyone” “Ok. Lucys probally back” “Oh right.We didn’t tell yous but Terry has a thing for Lucy too”

When we got back lucy was still missing.”What way did she go?” I finally asked.”That way” Pionted rob.”Girls” “Coming” We walked out the way Rob pionted.About five mintues later we rounded a corner and there they where………making out! I ran out the front door.”What?” Said Lucy when she saw me running.”It’s not your fault Lucy” Said Christine.”Result!” Steph whispered in Lucy’s ear. “I know” Said Lucy uncontably excited,not bodering to whisper.”I’ll go after her” Said Kelly.”But she might want Zake” Said Lucy.”Trust me Lucy, she dosen’t” Said Kelly than she ran out after me.When Kelly steped out the front door she sat down beside me on the front step.”You ok?” She asked me.”Yeah” I said quickly wiping away the tears.”I just wish this night would end” I said. “I know.We all do” “I just have a bad feeling about it” “But Sarah you can’t let Staci be proved right! You just can’t” “I know.But I really don’t care! I just want to be friends again.But theres a few problems with that” “What are they?” “Well…….the only problem is a person from the group” “A guy?” Kelly asked intrestedly.”Maybe.We used date.But its arcward between us now” “What happened?” “He broke up with me last year. And now I’m with Zake.I don’t want to screw that up!” “You won’t” “Than what would happen to us?” Kelly’s smile turned into a frown when she relized that we wouldn’t be able to be friends if I were friends with Staci again.”Oh” “See……..Theres another problem.I don’t want that to happen!” I said starting to cry again.But this time I didn’t wipe the tears away.Instead I let them flow.For the next few mintues we cryied uncontably in each other’s arms.

I woke with a start to the sound of a glass braking.I sat with a start and woke up Zake who was sleeping next to me.”Whats wrong?” He asked while rubbing my stomach.”I heard a glass brake!” I said in a patetachic voice.”Okay.Just this once” He said looking for his jeans in the dark.When he found them he pulled them under the covers and slipped them on.Then he pulled back the covers to stand up. CRASH!! I jumped in fear and put my arms around Zake’s stomach.”Wait” Zake startes rubbing my arms.”What?” “Can I come?” I ask quickely stoping myself from kissing him right now.”Okay”. I stand up before he has the chance to answer me.Zake stands behind me and puts his arms though mine.Just having him here with me makes me feel abit better.We walk down the hall towards the place that the nosie came from.Zake pushes open a door and we walk in. I look around the room and see a box at the wall. I grab Zake’s hand and pull him over.I knell down and pull it closer to me.”It’s locked” Zake says behind me.”Pass me that hammer over there” Zake gets the hammer but won’t give it to me.”I’ll do it” He says. “Fine”.I move over to let him in.He brakes the lock off and with great diffeculty he openes the box.Inside theres a note.I pick it up and open the envelope.
Dear Laura,By the time you read this I will be dead.But I had to tell you that you were right my grandfather did die here and hes still here.He has a curse on the house and thats why I had to kill myself.Hes after the you BECAUSE OF ME.i CAN’T LET HIM HURT YOU.iF i’M NOT HERE ANYMORE THAN HE WON’T BODER WITH YOU ANYMORE.gOODBYE MY LOVE,i WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.cARLXXXXXXXXXXX
“That was so sweet” I said crying from the letter.”I know” Said Zake.He leaned in kissed me.He moved his arms down to my waist and held me like that. Our first kiss! I will never know happyness like this again!

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