The Lyricist Lounge, Volume 2

8 August 2019

This is a hard-hitting CD with many of today’s bestlyrical performers, hence the name of the album. These artists include Mos Def,Pharoahe Monch, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, Notorious B.I.G., and Big L. Many of them donot receive the recognition they deserve commercially, mainly because they singlyrics a lot of people can’t appreciate. They are well-respected by many hip-hopartists. The album also includes guest appearances by Nate Dogg, Beanie Sigel,Ghostface Killah and Redman. One reason I like the artists on this CD isbecause they don’t just sing about killing people and drugs. Although they maytouch on the subjects, they don’t make whole songs about them. Instead, they tendto bring more positive messages than a lot of rappers. Although these”hard” rappers say they are keeping it real, I think they act fake tomake money off subjects like murder. Having said that, out of a possiblefive stars, I give this CD all five. It brings everything to the table: amazinglyrics and some great beats you can just sit back and chill to. One of myfavorite tracks is the album’s first single, “Oh No,” featuring MosDef, Pharoahe Monch and Nate Dogg. All three artists bring the song to a classiclevel, meaning I could see myself putting this song on in a couple of years andstill loving it. Another one of my favorites is “Let’s Grow,” featuringRoyce Da 5’9″, one of the best up-and-coming emcees. This whole CD isgreat, and you can play it through without once wanting to touch the skip button.”The Lyricist Lounge” is one of the best albums of the year, and Istrongly suggest picking it up.

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