The Magic of Ritual by Tom F. Driver

4 April 2015
Critical review of theological & cultural study of roles & meaning of rituals as vital part of human life.

Tom F. Driver, in The Magic of Ritual: Our Need for Liberating Rites that Transform Our Lives & Our Communities, presents a theological and cultural study of the roles and significance of rituals in society. The author argues that rituals are not merely decorative additions to social relationships and identity, but rather are crucial for life to have any meaning or sense at all. He further argues that modern society is in danger of completely losing its bearings because it has discounted the importance of such rituals. Driver is as much as saying that as a nation’s rituals go, so goes the entire nation:

The Magic of Ritual by Tom F. Driver Essay Example

To lose ritual is to lose the way. It is a condition not only painful and pathetic but also dangerous. Some people it destroys. As for the whole society, sooner or…

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