The Mahabharata and World View

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the Hindi epic, “The Mahabharata” as an example of moral and philosophical values in Indian society.

This paper is an in-depth examination of the classic Vedic text, “The Mahabharata”. The author discusses how and where the codes of moral honor and worldview are perceived in respect to their structure within the Hindu society. The story demonstrates various forms of codes, where the role of honor, and women?s places are defined, and how leading a spiritual and moral life is the ultimate goal. The paper includes a detailed outline.
From the paper:

“The worldview as is presented in the classic Hindi epic, “The Mahabharata” of moral and philosophical values still hold true today. “The Mahabharata” is considered to be an ideal source for examining the qualities found within Indian society. A sense of mortality is presented in many aspects of the text as we refer to the societies of the kuru and the Pandu dynasties of India. A Religious/philosophical teaching of Dharma is to live the path of our life that has been chosen for us. The independent elements of the early Indian society displayed in the Vedic text is more than just a story of Arjuna; but key elements to how world view is portrayed with emphasis on the values presented therein and the role of women in the work.”

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