I had for this paper was to “handle multiple sources,” make my paper less repetitive, and use stronger evidence. I felt that compared to the previous essay, this had much more solid evidence. For example, I was clear In the organization. I showed three comparisons of Gandhi and King. Next, I showed 2 differences between the two philosophers. I moved then into analyzing the comparisons between King, Gandhi, and Thoreau.

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The final part of the essay tied the three together by saying who was more congruent to Thoreau, King or Gandhi. By following a distinctive and ore laid out structure, I felt much more grounded In my A) Intro: Civil Disobedience Is a philosophy practiced by many. In fact, our country observes non- violent protest everyday, whether It be through strikes, meetings, or marches. Many of these demonstrations have proved to be effective, and have gained respect over time.

However, while philosophies of civil dispute and nonviolence may seem like a well-accepted idea today, many who fought for this type of negotiation were often considered radical for their introduction of it to society. Among those most famous or their allegiance to non-violence were Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jar. , and Henry David Thoreau. King demonstrated his philosophy of nonviolence In the essay “Letters from a Birmingham Jail,” Gandhi in his writing “Straight,” and Henry David Thoreau in “Civil Disobedience.

These three influential men intersect and divide on their common belief in civil disobedience. B) Compare King and Sandhog’s philosophy 1) King’s Philosophy – a) uses evidence In form of examples- bottom of 294 2) Sandhog’s Philosophy- 3) Comparison a) Both believe that sometimes there is no way to rational reason King ‘Why we couldn’t wait”, Gandhi ¤ quote from first pages of Straight b) “Truth Force” – Gandhi & King c) Dichotomy – both believed that It was false to presume that a situation was us vs… Hem , (peg 67 Gandhi)- transformation of relationships (G) vs.. (K) “I-alt for I-thou” 4) Differences a) Religious ties b) King doesn’t draw as much on government as a whole, more on laws and their moral respect C) Influence of HDTV on King and Gandhi: a) Belief that often government doesn’t work for the people as a wholeҐ It Is “expedient,” but should be re-ordered, so that the rule Is not designed for the powerful” (quote King and HDTV)

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