The Maine Rise to Fame

9 September 2019

Graduating high school early is nothing for a band when you have already graduated from the school of rock with honors. The Maine has taken no classes, was given no grades, and had no teachers. The Maine formed in January of 2007. After junior year, when most students look forward to slacking off as seniors, The Maine asked two members to graduate early so that they can share their music with the rest of the world. You see, seven periods a day is just seven periods too long for The Maine who can’t wait to get home to write more songs, while they were writing The Maine got their name from a song called “Coast of Maine” by Ivory, one of their favorite bands.

They signed to Fearless Records in late 2007, and released The Way We Talk on December 11, 2007. The record hit #45 on the U.S. Billboard Top Independent Albums chart and #10 on the Heat seekers chart in 2008. The Maine premiered their music video for “Everything I Ask For” on mtv on Nov. 19, 2008. The Maine premiered their new music video for “Girls Do What They Want” in Mid-March. The video was posted by Fearless Records on YouTube on March 17, 2009. The “Girls Do What They Want” music video was officially released on iTunes on April 28, 2009.

The Maine Rise to Fame Essay Example

The Maine spent the summer opening on the Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour, alongside Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, and Station. They spent two weeks performing on the Vans Warped Tour 2008 on the Smart punk stage. In the fall of 2008, The Maine continued touring by pairing with All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Every Avenue in the “The Compromising of Integrity, Morality and Principles in Exchange for Money” tour. In February and March 2009, The Maine toured with We The Kings, The Cab, There For Tomorrow, and Versa Emerge on “The Secret Valentine Tour.” March 20th was the kickoff to the 2009 Rock star Energy Drink AP Tour, in which The Maine is Co-Heading along with 3OH!3, Family Force 5, Hit the Lights, and A Rocket to the Moon, until the closing date May 9th.They are playing on 2009 Warped Tour.The group has also played with bands such as Brighten, Paramore, The Beatles, The Summer Set, The Academy Is…, and Bayside.
When The Maine had an interview with redefine magazine here is what they had to say: Training bra punk, training bra punk, training bra punk,” Kirch laughs as he tries to say the phrase three times in a row.
“People are going to say what they want. We just want every individual to take our music for what it is. If someone thinks it’s ‘training bra punk,’ then that’s what it is to them. I would rather someone just take 10 seconds out of their day to listen to a little bit of the music. If they like it then keep listening, and if not, then don’t, but take your own opinion… not someone else’s.”
As you can tell The Maine has had a lot of success in their life, from high school to making hit after hit. What’s next for this group you ask? Well you will just have to wait and find out.

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