The Marketing Mix Hard Rock Cafe

They use billboards in crowded areas, short commercials on television, promotional events, organize meetings and auctions, a website for every store and a general one with extra information about the history and upcoming events, live concerts in the CafeĀ©’s, Hotels or Casinos, actions with famous people (examples will follow later) and the most important one of all; they use the people who like to visit the Hard Rock CafeĀ©, to create a worldwide known brand. They even organize weddings and parties in a Hard Rock theme. These people are the fans of the Hard Rock CafeĀ©; they like the lifestyle and ere the merchandise with the brands on it.They want to see all the Hard Rock CafeĀ©s all around the world. Some people even go on a Hard Rock CafeĀ© tour.

These fans are very important and the Hard Rock CafeĀ© offers them an All Access system. This system uses member cards. When a member spends money at the Hard Rock CafeĀ© he/she gets points, with these points he/she can get free merchandise, drinks or food or a discount. When people spend more than $25 they always get a free gift. Sometimes this is a pin of a glass. Examples Some upcoming events of the Hard Rock CafeĀ© are the pre party for 02, a live encore of Paolo Until and Bruce Springiness and different CD releases.At this moment the Hard Rock CafeĀ© has a collection of clothes created by Bon Jove.

As you can see the promotion marketing of the Hard Rock CafeĀ© is very important. They stay updated and through this strategy they keep the concept working. Product The product of the brand Hard Rock exists of 4 different things; the Casino’s, the Hotels, the CafeĀ©’s and the merchandise stores. There are 5 Hard Rock Hotels, 6 Hotels/Casino’s and there working on 7 new Casino’s worldwide. The tools are of a high standard and they offer more than regular hotels.For example they offer a special package for people who want to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday. The Hotels/Casino’s offers the same high standard rooms but you can also find stores and a spa.

There are 150 Hard Rock CafeĀ©’s at the moment and they are working on 13 new cafeĀ©’s. The CafeĀ©s offer typical American food and drinks. In every Hard Rock CafeĀ© you can find a store with merchandise. The collection that they offer is made of high standard material. Pricing The Hard Rock CafeĀ© sells expensive clothes. When you buy a T-shirt or trousers, they are expensive, but what you get back is priceless.Merchandise that you buy there, you can use it for years and years and after years the merchandise that you have bought is still good.

The prices for events and concerts start average from $50 up to $150. This is normal for concerts. So The Hard Rock CafeĀ© isn’t that expensive regarding the concerts and events prices from other places where they find place. Regarding the prices in the cafeĀ©, it is expensive. For a glass Coca-Cola you pay like $3 or $4 dollar. But for DOD you pay a lot but you get in return a lot of food. So that is in proportion with the price.

People (personnel) How do the personnel sell the products to the (possible) customers and how do they take care of the concepts quality? For a company, the personnel are of main importance, to be able to sell their concept, their products. Very often the company chooses to train their people to sell products and treat the customers the way, they think that fits to their concept. This is also with the Hard Rock CafeĀ©. New personnel Of the Hard Rock CafeĀ© are selected on several points as remissness, then being open to compliments as well to complaints and how they react on certain situations.Every single person who works for Hard Rock CafeĀ© is trained to stand for the concept (examples will follow later) and to give the customer a once in a lifetime experience, which they will remember. Every visit to each Hard Rock CafeĀ© is different and exciting. Whether you visit is for the first time or if you visit it on a monthly basis.

Example: A man isn’t familiar with Hard Rock CafeĀ©, but did hear his friend talking about the friendly personnel who helped him to get what he was looking for.

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