The Marketing Mix Of KitKat Essay Sample

9 September 2017

No affair how effectual the publicity and packaging. a house will happen it really hard tomarket a merchandise which fails to fulfill a consumer demand. Kit Kat owes much of itssuccess to a alone double entreaty – as a four-finger cocoa saloon. ( known in theconfectionery trade as a countline ) . sold at corner stores and newsdealers. but besides as atwo-finger biscuit sold in supermarkets. It is a merchandise that has endured because of itswide entreaty across the age ranges and to both sexes. Changing the existent merchandise is potentially a really risky act for an established brandname as it risks changing the consumer perceptual experiences of quality built up over decennaries. Tampering with the recognised nucleus qualities could good damage the unity of the trade name. For Kit Kat. these intrinsic elements of the trade name. or alone merchandising points includethe: •chocolate fingers•foil and set wrapper. unique in the countlines market and seen as an of import featurewhich encourages engagement and sharing by consumers•well-known strapline – Have a Break.

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Have a Kit Kat.

In malice of the hazards of changing the merchandise. the two finger saloon and multipacks wereintroduced in the sixtiess to run into the increased demands of supermarket shopping and morerecently. Orange. Mint and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats have been available for limited periods. In the 3rd hebdomad that Kit Kat Mint was available. it more than doubled entire KitKat Gross saless. The Orange Kit Kat proved peculiarly popular with gross revenues of 38 million barsin merely three hebdomads. It provided really positive market research consequences. While they are seenas freshnesss. they can besides be used to supply reassurance and support of the coreattributes of the original established trade name name.

Particular editions are used chiefly as promotional tools. Market research has shown thatconsumers prefer particular editions to be available for limited periods merely and thatconsumers are likely to buy the original Kit Kat at the same clip or shortly after. ( They are. hence. a good manner of shooting new life into the Kit Kat merchandise life rhythm ) . Depending on their popularity. some particular editions are introduced more than one time. TheOrange Kit Kat has proved so popular that the two-finger multipacks are now for good available. Apart from these discrepancies. the intrinsic features of the Kit Kat merchandise and packaging have changed really small during the last 60 old ages. Although some minor. elusive alterations have been made in packaging. selling and gross revenues publicities. a KitKat from the 1930s would be immediately recognizable to modern consumers today.

Pricing scheme
A cardinal advantage of keeping a strong trade name image in a competitory market is a degreeof flexibleness in the pricing scheme. It is a common feature of imperfectlycompetitive markets for manufacturers to concentrate on non-price competition. Whenlooking at the pricing scheme for Kit Kat. it can be seen from the figures that the existent monetary value has remained unusually stable over the last 60 old ages. Promotional scheme

Nestle has used a broad scope of promotional tactics with Kit Kat. Promotion offers haveincluded free bars in the multi-bar household battalions and an instant win trade with Burger Kingin 1996. This publicity. where over 75 million free Burgers were on offer. increasedsales of Kit Kat by an estimated 30 In 1998. an on-pack publicity having ‘TheSimpsons. ’ with the opportunity to win ?20. 000 hard currency and 100s of other awards. increasedsales of Kit Kat by a astonishing 41Advertising dramas an highly of import portion in the confectionery industry. with spendapproaching ?114 million in 1996. The Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat subject appeared briefly in 1939. but has been the ongoing Kit Kat motto. or strapline. since the mid1950s. Kit Kat’s advertisement is concentrated in two media: •television commercials – which follow the well-known Have a Break tradition•posters – where the powerful colorss of the battalion and merchandise are used to dramatize themessage. A peculiar challenge for the advertizers is to appeal to both the consumers and the buyers. Women history for two tierces of all confectionery gross revenues. but a big proportion of these purchases are later consumed by kids. Men eat as muchas they purchase proposing they are less generous! Distribution scheme

Nestle has developed distribution channels which guarantee the handiness of Kit Kat to buywherever and whenever the consumer wants to buy it. Gross saless of confectionerydepend to a great extent on its handiness. with market research demoing that good over 60of all purchases are made on impulse. Consequently. Nestle tries to provide as many mercantile establishments as possible – both jobber and retail merchant channels.

Point of sale selling is besides of import when consumers are doing instant. snapdecisions from a broad scope of merchandises on position. Instantly recognizable packaging alsohelps to allure clients. Shoe stores. for illustration. have late been identified ashaving possible for confectionery gross revenues owing to the big figure of households that visitthem. It is besides predicted that confectionery. along with all groceries. will becomeavailable through overseas telegram and synergistic telecasting. videophones and the Internet. Internationally. Kit Kat is now besides manufactured in Canada. Germany. India. Malaysia. China. Japan. Australia. South Africa and the United States. It is available in more than100 states throughout the World.

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