The Marshall Plan

1 January 2018

Due to the aftermath of World War II, many of the countries are ruined and are in dire need of economic aid. Communism would have been a popular ideology amongst the poor because it promoted the idea that everyone is equal and that each man will share what he has with the rest. Communism also promotes the idea of sharing the countries’ properties and riches with its people equally, which is Of course, welcomed in poor war-torn areas in the Western Europe. Thus, in order to prevent such from happening, Truman passed the Marshall Plan to contain unionism away from Western Europe.Marshall Plan is effective in containing communism in Western Europe. The Marshall Plan gave economic aid to the countries who were suffering the aftereffects of the World War Two which included fallen infrastructure, destroyed crops, industries that could not function properly and many more which also meant that the economy was not stable.

At times like these, it was easy for these countries to commit themselves to communism because communism supports the Idea of sharing odds equally across the people, making sure everyone has enough.The Marshall Plan used up a lot of money to help strengthen the economy Of the fallen countries and it turned out successful in containing communism because not only had the economy been revived, it has also improved more than its pre-war level. By being successfully, it halted the spread of communism to the shores of Western Europe. The Marshall Plan was set out to help the poor countries after the war so that they would not fall to communism and in turn become less of an ally to the US.

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