The Masculine Appeal

4 April 2015
This essay makes a comparison of the two different toy/game figures Barbie and “Tomb Raider”‘s Lara Croft.

This essay is comparing the masculinity and femininity of two female figures Lara Croft and Barbie, describing the two figurines in detail. The author provides background information how each figure was created and their proposed purposes and how their images change through the years. The differences all touch on the fact that Lara is masculine and Barbie is feminine. The author concludes with decision that present day society finds a masculine female more appealing than a feminine woman.
Barbie and Lara are both beautiful and have great figures, but Lara still gains the attention. It is Lara’s attitude, the way she is portrayed as a person. Lara has those masculine characteristics that are more appealing in today’s society than a weak, panicky female. Lara Croft can take care of herself. Males are attracted to this because Lara is strong, independent, and beautiful. A woman that does not need protection from a male figure is a wonderful dream for men. Females are attracted to Lara because she can hold her own, she is strong and independent, no help needed from a male partner.

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