The Meaning of a Devolved Government

6 June 2017

With respect to specifically patial planning, the Ministry of Lands and Settlements, through the Department of Physical Planning has been on the task. However, In the devolved government framework, In the countles there will be officers In charge of planning cities, municipalities and towns. At the cities and municipalities, there will boards some of whose works will be to: a. formulate and Implement Integrated development plans; b.

Control land use, land sub-dlvlslon, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, Including Industry, commerce, markets, shopping nd other employment centres, residential areas, recreational areas, parks, entertainment, passenger transport, agriculture, and freight and transit stations within the framework of 1 the spatial and master plans for the city or munlclpallty as may be delegated by the county government The approval of all plans and pollcles will be done by the County Assembly while county Executive committees, will De responslDle Tor tne Implementatlon 0T pollcles approved by the County Assembly.

The Meaning of a Devolved Government Essay Example

Moreover, in each county, there will be a epartment of planning to undertake the technical functions related to planning. Sub-national governance Once the devolved government system shall have been operationalized, the sovereign power of Kenyans will be exercised both at national and county level, not like it has been since independence where central governance has dominated. The powers of the National Executive will be exercised by the Cabinet, which will comprise of the President, the Deputy President, the Attorney General and Cabinet Secretaries.

The Cabinet will supervise the national government line ministries and epartments. The National Assembly will enact legislation and exercise oversight over national revenue and expenditure. However, approval of Bills relating to the counties and oversight of county budgets has to be done Jointly with the Senate. The county as a level of governance will have both an executive and legislature arms.

Each County Executive Committee will comprise of the County Governor, the Deputy County Governor and other members, not exceeding ten, appointed by the County Governor, with the approval of the County Assembly. The County Executive Committees will be headed by the County Governor assisted by the Deputy County Governor. The County Assembly, the legislative arm of the county government, will consist of ward representatives and other members nominated by political parties in proportions that will ensure gender balance and representation of marginalized groups.

The County Assembly will be headed by a Speaker, elected by the County Assembly from among persons who are not members of the County Assembly. The functions of the County Assembly include: a) approval of plans and policies and nacting laws that are necessary for the governance of the counties, b) exercise oversight over the County Executive Committee, and c) ensuring that the interests of the voters are well represented in the County Government.

The County Executive Committees, on the other hand, will be responsible for the implementation of policies and laws approved by the County Assembly, as well as the management and coordination of the county administration and departments. The county 2 administration and departments will be in-charge of the day-to-day operations of he County Government, and will be supervised by the County Executive Committees.

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