The media has always changed b…

10 October 2018

The media has always changed broadcasts to fit their personal or corporate agenda. Many people believe that the news was originally set up to act as a national tool to stir thoughts, while others believe that it was created to pass along news faster and to a wider amount of viewers. Now the media is using its broadcasts to entertain, frighten and cause a lot of controversy between political parties, but this keeps viewers watching. There tends to be a lot of “fake news” and it has a very strong liberal and conservative bias. Each reporter is doing their job but because they are following different stories it causes people to assume that the article is fake news or biased to fit own agendas. News is supposed to be informative, knowledgeable and some may even go as far to say that to audiences, the media is truthful.

With this being said, it can be noted that the media serves major corporations. If the content gets more viewers and the network gets paid more communication industry acts as a vehicle of promotion for ten major corporations. McChesney discusses how power operates in our society. These greatly impact media sectors, and based upon this reading I have come to believe that since corporations are sponsoring and/or controlling news providers and what is being reported, the media is catering to large successful companies. McChesney infers how ironic it is that if the First Amendment grants us the freedom of press, then why do we need permission of the tyrannical billionaires in control of cable channels, books, magazines, radio stations, billboards, TV stations, etc. (explain) to launch a new movie studio or major daily newspaper? Freedom of press states that people have the right to “create our own media if they so desire”. Consequently, although the media does hold a strong power over public ears and eyes, there is a higher power in which the media assists.

The media has always changed b… Essay Example

In terms of interests that the media serves not only is the public concerned with the political, economic and religious aspects of the news, but (who) explains that audiences crave more “infotainment”. Infotainment is engaging to viewers/listeners because it often deals with sex scandals, murders, celebrities, etc. McChesney seems disheartened and disappointed when he says that political coverage in American media is “empty and meaningless”. The tough questions on important issues, such as the War on Terror, are being ignored and there is less and less of political coverage these days. (McChesney). (where) Another important thing to consider when it comes to the media is fairness, objectivity and bias. There is a fine line between these three factors, but it should be known that they are very different from one another.

Unlike objectivity, bias is an inclination. Objectivity would be more similar to fairness, but both are still different. If one reports from an objective point of view, this report will show no influenced by emotion or personal prejudices. Very much like objectivity, fairness is justice to all parties. Lastly, comes bias. Several authors cited in this piece and I all agree bias is one serious fad in mass media. I believe that most reports I see/hear are bias in one way or another.

In turn, bias is not strongly linked to poor and irresponsible reporting. Political bias is commonly displayed, if bias is detected in news reports, then I do not find this type of journalism plausible nor do I consider it responsible or dependable. Being able to depend on journalists and the stories they recount is key for the media world because people will believe mostly everything on their television screens. Many believe that “traditional newscasts” will become less significant in global communities simply because newscasts are not traditional anymore. The public has a hard time discerning fact from fiction and journalists are well aware of this. Most importantly, we need honest, accurate, ethical, and independent journalists because reliability and the factualness of news is not often or not always considered or even thought about by a handful of viewers. If the audience has become immune to accepting the first piece of news thrown in their faces, then the only ones that will actually have the power to pick out the truth are journalists.

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