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7 July 2017

The Melting Pot Essay, Research Paper

The Melting Pot Essay Research Paper In Essay Example

In the 1800? s and the early 1900? s, some people gave the America the name, the thaw pot. Peoples imagined this because 1000s and 1000s of immigrants coming from around the universe were coming into the United States in hope of a better life. So most people imagined that all these different civilizations were being poured into a elephantine pot called America, heated to a low furuncle and molded into one sort of individual. If one steps back and thinks about this theory, it isn? t wholly true. In fact, it? s non truly true at all. If one takes a closer expression at America today, one sees 1000000s of people labelled Americans but non by how they act, what religions they pattern and what sort of nutrients they eat but where they are born. entire antonyms. Now all Americans must be able to talk English, or at least bad English, and they must besides follow the Torahs set 4th by out four male parents, but no two Americans are likewise. Take San Francisco for illustration. Twenty old ages ago, it was the centre for the hippy motion, but merely down the street from Haight and Ashbury there is a topographic point called China Town. A pla

Ce placed filled with Chinese Americans, stores and temples that could be easy mistaken for edifices merely found in China. In Ohio, one could run into a Caucasic husbandman, a African American man of affairs, an Amish household or even a newsman who has a strong German background all in the same twenty-four hours. So many different people populating together in one piece of land. Now, after taking a closer expression, no one truly melted together to do merely one sort of individual. But what did they make? One could state that the English adult male could be symbolized as boodle, Africans as black olives, Germans as radishes, Italians as tomatoes and so on and so forth doing a elephantine salad. All different sorts of fruits and veggies tossed together in a bowl to make one dish. Everything in close quarters of each other, but still separate and single. This is how America is structured.

In decision, I believe that alternatively of utilizing the runing pot as Americas metaphor for the people of this state, we as a people should utilize the metaphor? The Salad Bowl? . This word accurately describes life in the United States of America much more than the word thaw pot.

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