The Men In Sister Carrie.

4 April 2015
The paper explores the relationship between Carrie Meeber, in the novel “Sister Carrie”, and the men in her life.

This paper is an interesting look at Carrie’s relationships with men in the novel Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser. The author details how the the male characters are actually Carrie’s progress up the hierarchical ladder of society until she reaches a point where she can progress no further because her desires are limitless. The author concludes that the men in Carrie’s life represent a means of attaining material comfort, wealth and a feeling of fulfillment for Carrie.
Carrie’s first relationship is with Drouet. The novel begins with Carrie and Drouet flirting on a train approaching Chicago. Although he comes across as a seducer, he is in actuality, only a reflection of Carrie’s own desires. Throughout their relationship Carrie manages to gain the experience and social skills requisite for pursuing higher aspirations. Drouet himself is a traveling salesman. At first he seems impressive and Carrie is attracted by his bearing, clothes and luggage. She is flattered that he has noticed her: There was something satisfactory in the attention of this individual with his good clothes (Dreiser, p.11)
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