The Message and Method of Sharing Christ in Acts

This paper is a study of the message in Acts from a Christian perspective. Emphasis on the great commission to share the gospel, using examples presented in Acts.

This paper describes the Book of Acts, its importance, and the significant role it plays in Christianity. The paper looks at the book’s importance from a historical perspective, taking into account the events going on in the world during the time this book was written, the author of the book and the importance of one’s belief in God.
From the paper:

“The Book of Acts is one of the most significant books in the New Testament. It describes the origin of the church and the lives of the apostles who were responsible for carrying out the great commission. Acts presents a great example of the Christian mission, as well as providing the inspiration to complete that mission. Christians are called by God to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations of the earth. The apostles were devoted to this mission, and would give their lives for it. This is the mission we as Christians are called to: To devote ourselves to the Lord and to bring his lost sheep into the fold.”

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