The methodology or ystem of methods used in this project were completed by obtaining a micro plate and adding 5 drops of each solution to a different well, recording on the paper which well holds with solution, adding 10 drops of 6. M HCL on the larger well, making sure that a clean flame test wire was being used by holding the metal loop In the hottest part of the Bunsen burner flame, making a table showing the metallic solution and the color of the flame, cleaning the flame test wire then testing more known solution until all the colors of all the known solutions were recorded, and finally, by cleaning he micro plate by rinsing it in water in the sink.

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The results included the recorded results of the different flame colors produced by dfferent metals, the flame colors with wavelength, frequencies and energies, Conclusively, the major conclusions found were than when burned, the different flame colors produced by different metals, directly corresponded to the colors’ wavelength directly corresponded to their frequencies which directly corresponded to their energies.

The results found in this report is the recorded results of the dfferent flame olors produced by different metals, the flame color with wavelength, frequencies colors produced by different metals, compare the flame to their frequencies and energies, explain how the flame colors were produced, compare and contrast the results obtained 9in the lab with regards to colors, wavelength, frequencies and energies, To orient the reader, some background information on the topic will be given.

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