The MexicanAmerican War Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

The Mexican-American War Essay, Research Paper

The war with Mexico had basically broken out because of America? s rapid

enlargement and assurance due to their great size and wealth. Besides, because Mexico had

owed money to America, many people thought that they could obtain the money

forcefully. Furthermore, Mexico had ne’er to the full recognized Texas? independance and to

maintane their pride, broke off diplomatic dealingss when the US annexed the democracy.

President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor into Texas to support the boundary line which at

the clip was in difference. In July, 1845, Taylor reached the Nuccess River with approximately

1500 toops and crossed into the disputed country. He did non travel all the manner to the Rio

Grande to avoid arousing the Mexicans and alternatively stopped at Corpus Christi. In

November, Polk sent a delegate ( John Slidell ) to seek and do dialogues about the

disputed land. Slidell was given the right to call off the Mexican debt in return for

acknowledgment of the appropriation of Texas and blessing of the Rio Grande boundary line that


had wanted. He was besides authorized to offer 30 million dollars to Mexico for

all or portion of New Mexico and California. The Mexican authorities refused the offers

and their claim to Texas was reinstated. By late March, 1846, Taylor? s ground forces had grown

to about 4000and had taken places in the Mexican town of Matamoros. The Mexicans

crossed the river in April and attacked an American mounted patrol. They were driven

back easy, but Polk asked Congress to declare war anyhow. Congress accepted and

without declaring war, voted to raise and provide an extra 50000 military personnels. Even in the

foremost conflict, the consequence was obvious. Within a hebdomad, the Mexicans had been driven across

the Rio Grande and General Taylor had his military personnels steadfastly established on the southern

bank. The Mexican War was fought between the United States and Mexico from May

1846 to February 1848. It was important because it led to the Mexican Cession of 1848.

This was the cession of New Mexico and Alta California to the United States by Mexico

as a consequence of the U.S. triumph in the Mexican War.

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