The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

1 January 2017

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane The story begins on Egypt Street. On the street there was a house. In the house lived a family, the Tulanes, and their daughter’s china rabbit-Edward Tulane. They were fairly wealthy, and dressed Edward in the best clothes money could buy. Abilene (Edward’s owner) loved Edward very much.

But when tragedy strikes, Edward is all alone (al least that’ s what he thinks) until he meets a bunch of new people. “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”, by Kate DiCamillo is a wonderful adventure story. The genre of this book would be fantasy, because it could never really happen. The illustrator of this book would be, Bagram Ibatoulline. The copyright date is 2006. This book is full of many different characters. The 2 most important though, would be Edward (note that his name was changed several times in this book), and Abilene.

Some other characters include: Nellie, Lawrence, Lolly, Lucy, Bull, Bryce, Sarah Ruth, Neal, and Lucius.

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The setting takes place in Abilene’s house, Nellie and Lawrence’s house, on a train, outside in the woods, Bryce and Sarah Ruth’s shack, and Lucius’ store. Edward is happy living with Abilene. Then Abilene’s parents announce they will all be going to London. Abilene decides to take Edward along. On the ship were a couple of boys who thought it would be funny to rip off all of Edward’s clothes, then play catch with him. One of the boys tried to throw Edward to the other boy, but, Abilene tackled him and Edward went flying.

Not to the other boy, but into the water. A few months later, a couple of fishermen caught something very unusual, Edward. One of the fishermen was named Lawrence. Lawrence brought Edward back to his wife, Nellie. There, they re-name Edward, Susanna. One day, Nellie and Lawrence’s daughter, Lolly, comes to visit. “ ‘ Got the folks bewitched, don’t you? ’ said Lolly. ‘ I heard the talk in town. That they’ve been treating you like a rabbit child. ‘ “ With that, Lolly picked up Edward by the ears and threw him face down into the garbage can. At the garbage dump, a dog named Lucy found

Edward and brought him back to her owner, Bull. Bull and Lucy are homeless. Bull re-names Edward Malone. Edward is with them for years. One day Bull, Lucy and Edward are traveling on a train when a man found them, kicked Edward and sent him flying. Edward landed with a thump in the woods, in the middle of a path. An old woman came upon Edward and decided she could use him as a scarecrow. The old woman re-names Edward, Clyde. One day a boy named Bryce, who works for the old woman, finds Edward. Bryce then takes Edward away to his sick sister, Sarah Ruth.

Sarah Ruth re-names Edward Jangles. When Sarah Ruth dies, Edward and Bryce are all alone. Bryce makes Edward perform on the streets for money. One day Bryce is very hungry, so he goes into a restaurant. Bryce can’t pay the bill. The owner is mad and he grabs Edward by the feet and smashes Edward’s face into 21 pieces. Bryce takes Edward to a toy repair man. Obviously Bryce can not pay. Lucius Clarke, the toy repair man, gives Bryce 2 choices. #1: Lucius would fix Edward, but Edward would then belong to him. #2: Bryce would have to seek assistance elsewhere.

Bryce decides to leave Edward. Lucius fixes up Edward, then puts him up for sale. Edward sits on the shelf for some time. Then something amazing happens, Abilene, and her daughter step through the door. “ ‘Edward? ’ said Abilene. Yes, said Edward, ‘ Edward’, she said again, certain this time. Yes, said Edward, yes, yes, yes. It’s me. ” A china rabbit falls into the sea, gets thrown into the garbage, gets thrown out of a moving train, gets his head smashed into 21 pieces, gets hung and made into a scarecrow, and still is re-united with his owner, Abilene.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories. If I had the chance to, I would read this book all over again. The author tells the story very well. She makes everything kind of go together. One event leads to another, then that event leads to another. When I was near the end of the book, I was afraid Edward would never find his way back to Abilene. #1: the end of the book was drawing nearer. #2: because the book was almost over, I thought the pattern was going to repeat itself one more time, and Edward would end up with someone else.

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