The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

In case you have not heard, one of the top ten hip-hop groups ever has split. The magnificent trio, The Fugees, has just become a group of soloists. Each is doing well but only one has the impact they had as a whole. Pras has just come out with one of America’s top ten songs, called “Ghetto Superstar.” Wyclef is doing very well with his debut album, called “The Carnival.” Although they are doing well by themselves, they aren’t making the same impact as their third member, Lauryn Hill.Lauryn, the group’s singer, has just come out with her first solo album. The rapper/singer/ actress has come a long way. Although she is famous, she pledges to remember her roots. She thinks back in such songs as “Every Ghetto, Every City” by singing “Way before the record deal/ The streets that nurtured Lauryn Hill/ Made sure that I’d never gone too far.” Unlike many rappers, who rap about the bad things in life, Lauryn reminds us about the good things that we have and should cherish.The album’s central topic is love, attempting to define what it is. It doesn’t try to give a Webster’s Dictionary definition, but other peoples’ opinions, which are interesting because they are coming from children. Since most people don’t associate love and children, this makes the album very unique.I would recommend “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” to everyone. This album and singer will never be forgotten. On my scale from one to ten, it gets a well-deserved ten..

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