The Misunderstood Muslimah Essay Sample

10 October 2017

For centuries. adult females in Islam have been the victims of unlawful misconceptions for either personal or common addition to normally minimize and defame Muslims and the faith of Islam. Although some do hold implicit in purpose. others strictly do it out of sheer ignorance. as merely because they do non understand something they hurriedly deem it as incorrect or absurd. These misconceptions normally focus on the woman’s rights of equality and chance. every bit good as their place and position in Islam. Their modestness and strong sense of self-respect is frequently misunderstood as subjugation by the populace and by the media who are besides responsible for confirming these psychotic beliefs. Women as female parents. married womans and girls as taught by Islam and shown by the Prophet Mohammed ( proverb ) is something far greater than what is by and large understood by the populace.

A seldom known fact about Islam is that it came at a clip that really liberated adult females whom were deprived of humanity to a point where the male parent of a new born babe would be disappointed if it was a miss and would really fall back to burying her alive. In Pre-Islamic times. the Arabs believed that girls were a shame and futile as they might convey shame upon a household once they reached maturity and if there was a menace they would be incapacitated and would non be able to support themselves or their household. It is deserving observing that both male childs and misss likewise were really besides buried alive if the male parent thought they could non back up them financially. When the sanctum Quran was revealed. it badly condemned this pattern: “When intelligence is brought to one of them of the birth of a female kid. his face darkens and he is filled with inward heartache. With shame does he conceal himself from his people because of the bad intelligence he has had!

Shall he retain her on disdain or bury her in the dust? Ah! What an immorality they decide on? ” ( Quran 16:59 ) Islam really ordered for adult females to be nurtured. supported and protected by everyone. particularly their male parents or brothers. Their intervention of their girls and sisters if found sound. would really allow them a topographic point in Eden in the hereafter. Education is a really of import facet of Islamic instructions. and unlike the popular belief adult females are really encouraged to prosecute a life of larning in order to derive cognition and wisdom. The Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him ) said: “Acquiring cognition is mandatory for every Muslim. ” This clearly shows how of import their intervention is in Islam as opposed to the more popular generalizing that adult females have no position or equality in Islam.

The Islamic frock codification for adult females can be defined as being modest in order to protect themselves and their reputes as it states clearly in the glorious Koran: “O Prophet. state your married womans and girls and the believing adult females that they should project their outer garments over their organic structures ( when abroad ) so that they should be known and non molested. ” ( Quran 33:59 ) The West and the media normally depict the vesture of Muslim adult females to be outdated and unstylish. nevertheless what they do non recognize is that Muslim adult females do non populate for this universe and their ends are non to affect the manner universe.

Muslim adult females guard their celibacy and their modestness unlike the accepted societal thoughts of adult females at the present clip. which is to dress up in order to be attractive. This is unlike Muslim adult females. whose beauty is internal and non external. it is their actions and their heads what make them beautiful and that is what Islam Teachs should go on. Womans are non to be treated as sexual objects or as something merely to fulfill 1s demands. they are to be kept everlastingly in your attention. “And among His marks is this: That He created couples for you from yourselves that you may happen remainder. peace of head in them. and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo. herein so are marks for people who reflect. ( Quran 30:21 )

There hasn’t been a faith. civilization or society that appreciates. adores. congratulationss or values the adult female as a female parent more than the faith of Islam does. It recognizes her adversity. battle and attempts during gestation. labor. nursing and the elevation of her kids. ”And We have enjoined on the human being in ( respect to ) his two parents the most beautiful behavior. His female parent bore him under duress and brought him Forth under duress. And his bearing and his ablactation was 30 months. At length. when he reaches the age of 40. he says. “My Lord and Sustainer. grant to me that I am grateful for the graciousness that You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents. and that I may work righteousness delighting to You. and do my offspring righteous. Surely I turn to You and certainly I am of those who submit ( to You ) . ” ( Quran 46:15 ) Even though Islam Teachs to be good to both your parents and handle them with kindness. it favours the female parent above the male parent for all that she does and has done.

A adult male one time asked the Prophet Mohammad ( peace be upon him ) . “Who is most deserving of my regard? ” The Prophet’s response was: “Your female parent. ” The enquirer pressed further. “And so [ after my female parent ] ? ” The Prophet’s response was repeated: “Your female parent. ” This continued for a 3rd clip. after which the Prophet eventually answered. “And so? Your male parent. ” It is besides stressed in the words of the Quran the importance of being good to your parents: “Your Lord has commanded that you shall non idolize ( anyone ) but Him and to be good to the parents. If either or both of them reach old age with you. state non to them ( so much as ) ‘Ugh’ nor chide them. and talk to them a generous word. And lower for them ‘the wings of humility’ out of clemency ; and pray ; ‘O my Godhead! Have mercy on them as they brought me up ( when I was ) little. ‘” ( Quran 17:23-24 ) It is frequently related in instructions and expressions of the Prophet ( peace be upon him ) that. “Paradise is at the pess of mothers” . This means that if one loves. attentions for. serves. and protects their female parents. and their female parents are satisfied with their intervention. so Allah with wages you by allowing you abide in Eden for infinity.

In decision adult females in Islam are non oppressed or taken for granted. girls are a approval and female parents are profoundly appreciated. There is non one piece of Islamic texts that teaches to ache. disregard or maltreatment adult females. There is non a shred of grounds that implies that adult females in Islam do non hold rights. and if anything they really have more rights and higher position than work forces in the eyes of Allah ( God ) and as taught by Islamic instructions.

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