The misuse of freedom of speech

8 August 2016

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitutions of all the democratic countries of the world. It is considered the most important article and right in the modern state, as it lies down the foundation of free, vibrant and democratic society. However, in the recent events this precious right has been violated by both the media and the general public, they can do whatever they want. In other words, media and general public misuse and misinterpret freedom of speech; therefore, there should be some limitations on freedom of speech.

For me, the right to Freedom of speech is about more than citizens utilizing the right to speak freely to their fullest potential; it is about utilizing our rights responsibly. The media on the other hand missus’s freedom of speech the most, some people, mostly politicians use the media to voice their opinions. There have been times when politicians had given hateful speech about the president without anything being censored. There was a Facebook page made by someone, I’m not sure if it still exist, but it was about how much someone hates Pres.

The misuse of freedom of speech Essay Example

Obama and that who so ever feels the same can join and state their opinion. That alone tells you how misuse the freedom of speech is. Regardless of Pres. Obama being the president of the nation, he’s a human being with feelings, he has love ones who would be hurt to read or hear such things about him. The freedom of expression doesn’t mean that we can and should say what ever we want wherever we want; we should put some limits to free speech if it threatens to harm other individuals and groups of people.

In other countries around the world In conclusion, freedom of speech must be curbed if media and general public misuse it. There are many causes of misuse of freedom of speech by media and public. However, if the above-mentioned suggestions are taken into consideration, the situation will improve. Freedom of speech is precious right. Many countries do not have this valuable right. therefore; media and general public should use it responsibly

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