The Modern Novel Styles

4 April 2015
A comparison between various literary styles such as pre-modern and modern ones.

This paper examines the change in novel styles from the pre-modern to the modern period. The author discusses the new style that incorporates Romanticism, Realism and conception of love, fate and destiny. The author introduces and compares various literary styles such as of Chratien de Troyes, Joseph von Eichendorff’s, Gustave Flaubert’s, Guy de Maupassant’s, Anton Chekhov’s and George Eliot’s.
Although it is difficult to think of this being the case now, novels were once the province of the upper classes, for that thin segment of society that could read and not for the teeming masses stopping by the airport bookstore. Thus even when the world depicted in the novel was not that of the world of the upper classes, the readership was an elite one, and novels were thus written for them. Thus many of the changes that we see occur as we shift from the decidedly non-modern form of the chivalric romance to pre-modern form of the picaresque to the entirely modern styles of Romanticism and Realism are reflective of changes in the nature of reading and the reading public. Other important changes reflect changes in the conception of love, in the place that love held in society in general and in the biography of each person’s life, and in attitudes about fate and destiny.”
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