The Modern World

4 April 2015
This paper looks at different ways that people become molded into and eventually accepted into society.

This paper compares and contrasts the themes of acceptance and inclusion in society that are found in Michel Foucault’s book, Power/Knowledge and Richard Rodriguez’s, “Hunger of Memory.” Richard Rodriguez is a Spanish-speaking immigrant who broke the bonds of poverty and became an accepted member of wealthy upper-class and Michel Foucault is a a homosexual who broke the stereotypes to become successfully accepted into society. These two writers put forward the theories that there is an actual process involved in becoming part of society that is separate and distinct from what you receive in your individual family units.
“Indeed, his most famous book, Hunger of Memory, is precisely about the way in which an individual can reclaim himself (or herself). This autobiographical book is structured in many ways as a travelogue, as the story of the journey that Rodriguez takes from his first schoolroom in Sacramento, which he enters speaking only a few words of English, to the reading room of the British Museum, an icon not only of the powers of the white establishment but also of a certain kind of intellectual power, a place where people whose ideas matter work.”

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