The Moldy Peaches by The Moldy Peaches

Songs by the Moldy Peaches can be summed up in two words – witty and fun. Adam Green and Kimya Dawson make a great duo and are the main forces behind this indie-folk band formed in 1998 with the three other members. Although the Moldy Peaches are still relatively unknown, they received recognition after their songs were used in the 2007 hit film “Juno.”

Their most popular song, the duet “Anyone Else But You,” has been used in many projects and covered by many bands. Some critics describe their work as “pointless and dumb ramblings from young people for laughs,” but true fans can see that beneath the jokes and goofy song topics are serious themes such as growing up, finding love, and being happy in life.

Songs like “New York City Is a Graveyard” and “What Went Wrong” pump up the ante with aggressive guitar blasting as Green and Dawson take turns shrilling into the microphone. Some tracks have a calmer and more introspective feel, like “The Ballad of Helen Keller and Rip Van Winkle,” which is a smooth song about lovers sneaking off and hiding from the girl’s father. Also “Jorge Regula” is a sweet and tender tune about the activities of a man’s day and features the beat from W.A.R’s “Low Rider” slowed down greatly on a tuba for a lazy, blissful affect.

The Moldy Peaches perform in costume, like Green’s tight Peter Pan outfit and Dawson’s cute but severely immature bunny suit. This adds to the childish and comical feel the band is often praised for.

Although they split up in 2002, the Moldy Peaches did not stop producing music. Dawson went on to a solo career making similar witty folk music, and Green started a more serious music career that somewhat condemned his days with the Moldy Peaches. The band is still loved and respected for their intelligent humor, originality, and creativity.

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