The monkey paw

6 June 2017

The Monkey’s Paw’ was written by William Waynesboro, or W. W. Jacobs. Jacobs was a comedic writer, and his stories fascinated both his readers and listeners. It would be interesting to dissect the story of “The Monkeys Paw” to reveal the use of symbolism and Imagery. These two elements of literature could provide the reader with a deeper understanding of Jacobs work. The Whites family had three people, namely Mr.. White, Mrs.. White, and their son Herbert White. They are a happy family with a safe and cozy home that is very separate from the outside world.

The Monkeys Paw by W. W. Jacobs is a symbol of desire and greed – everything that its owner could possibly wish for and the unrestricted ability to make It happen. Sergeant-Major Morris, a man who has traveled to some parts of the world, breaks peace and simplicity In the Whites’ family. Morris had gone to India and came back with a monkeys paw.

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He went to visit the Whites with the paw in his pocket. The paw is supposed to answer all the wishes that anyone made, but they had to buy it first. Morris forces Mr..

White to make a wish before he is given the paw. He wishes for two hundred dollars. The paw symbolizes the greed and desire that is part of human nature. Mr.. White has a good home, a happy family, but he wishes to have money that he may not use. People want to have an unrestricted capability of making things happen. Mr.. White has everything, but he is forced by greed to wish for more money. The Whites are granted their desires; they get the money they wished for; but as a result of this, Herbert dies and his corpse comes to knock at the family door.

This paw wows a twist of fate, maybe It was not Herbert corpse which was knocking or Herbert had passed on coincidentally not necessarily under the influence of the paw’s omnipotent power. The destruction of the Whites’ family cautions people on their wishes, which clearly shows how the author uses imagery and symbolism in this Mr.. White and his son love playing chess. In “The Monkeys Paw,”- chess story. Symbolizes life. Chess is a game that is unpredictable Just like life. Certain changes have to take place as one plays chess game Just like in life one has to undergo radical hanged.

Caution and risk dictate the outcome of the radical changes in one’s elite. Herbert is cautious on making a wish while Mr.. White Is reckless in wishing for money that he does not need. Both father and son’s outcome could be symbolized by the chess game although Herbert Is unfortunate and loses his life. The paw paints an image of fear, evil and vengeance in the Whites family. After the death of Herbert, the mother fears that the monkeys paw would have cast an evil spell over her family. The monkey who lost its paw is vividly described as being evil.

Perhaps Its evilness is represented by the paw. The paw would also cast evil to people’s lives as a sign of vengeance. The evil monkeys spirit could haunt and revenge for its death through making other people miserable, as seen in the White’s family. In conclusion, the paw creates an Image of anxiety over things that have come from foreign nations. Mrs.. White had asked Morris for “any Interesting tales from India” (Dexter and Jacobs). This shows the interest and fancy that people have over foreign things Irrespective of the nature.

The evil happenings that have Jeopardized the wellbeing of the Whites family are blamed on the foreign paw. This is a true t Off and blame the results on the foreign things like aid, food, and guns that have destroyed peace and lives in many poor nations. The White family represents societies that have everything but greed and yearning for things that they do need leads to their destruction. “The Monkeys Paw’ is creates a vivid image of life, the choices that people make and the denial of the outcome or reality.

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