The Most Amazing Field Trip to the Zoo

10 October 2016

One day at school my teacher said good morning kids don’t forget the field trip to morow ok miss. madsen said niceliy and 6 hours later it was time to go than when I went to my room than it was 3 hours later than my mom said its dinner time my older brother named ethan said whats for dinner than my mom said its mac and cheese and fruit yaaa I said my brother said IdOT than I said mom !!!!!! than did it agin I said than my mom said ethan be sweet ok okey mom than avter dinner I went to bed than in the morning when I went to school than my friends said to me at the same time was i CAN dont WAIT CAN YOU they said and than I said no I can not wait I love the zoo catelin said its soo fun april said I love it too Emily said I now right leils said emma said to me that whats the zoo I tald her it is a place that cool anmals live there and you get to see them I tald her than she said that seems like awesome fun im I right me and my friends said at the same time was yes it is soooooo…………………………………….

Fun than mis. madsen came in and said to us today is the field trip and we are going to go at 8:30 ok kids but that’s in 10 minites catelin said I now we are gonna be getting ready mis. madsen said ohhhhh catelin said wait if its in ten minutes than its gonn gonn be be atat thththeeee bgife waits that acks emma itititits the most dangeriste zoo ever I said to her now im scard of the zoo emma said right than samatha came in the class room it was ok because she was only 8 minites late than 2 mineites it 8:30 than I said oh no than catelin said holly nuts

The Most Amazing Field Trip to the Zoo Essay Example

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