The most beautiful country in the world

6 June 2017

There are so many nice places and country on the earth. Every place has it own distinct features and beautles. ln addition, every person got different tastes,cholces and Ilklng. Serveral people enjoy the sight of scenic beauties,some are enjoyed the artificial wonder ,some are interested towards places of historical and archeological interests and a few may be interested in visiting places of religious importance. I ‘ve been visited even a few other country ,the most beauty country In the world Is my own country ‘Myanmar’ for me-Myanmar Is a country In Southeast Asia,formely nown as Burma-previously an Independence ,Burma was annexed by the British Empire into the colony of India in 1886 but it was returned to the British control until independence in 1948.

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Myanmar Is situated in Southeast Asia,is bordered on the north and northeast by China ,on the east and southeast by the Laos and Thailand,on the south by the Andaman sea and bay of Bengal and on the west by the India and Bangladesh and covers total area of 678500 sq km Is the largest country in mainland southeast Asla and the 40th largest In the world. Myanmar Is make up of 35 national races and population are estimated to be over 60 million .

Myanmar has three main season such as hot season ,rainy season ,and cold season. The glories of ancient land Myanmar is also know as Golden land ,which is not only for its golden pagodas but also Its rich in culture,natural attraction and sources . Buddhlsm Is our maln religion,over 80% of people embracing Theravada Buddhism. As am Buddhlst,l believe in Buddha’s teaching which also can give peace to us. And Only peace makes real beauties in everything-This the the main reason I like the most my country.

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