The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

9 September 2016

The Most Dangerous Game Analysis The most dangerous game starts on a yacht with named Rainsford. Rainsford fell off the yacht trying to get his pipe. After that he relizeshe cant swim back to the boat, he swims to a nearby island. On the island he comes across a large house inhabited by two people, the onwer General Zaroff and Ivon his assistant. General zaroff is also a big game hunter. Rainsford knocks on the door of the house and they let him in. After that zarroff offers Rainsford to hunt with him but this was no ordinary hunt this time rainsford would be the hunted.

The General gave Rinsford a three-hour head start and Rainsford ended up killing the general because the general didnt expect to get attacked in his own home but Zaroff is the better hunter because he had more experienc Zaroff had more intelligence in what he was doing, with his eyes always fixed on the ground. Zarroff knew were Rainsford was just by looking at the ground around the tree. Zaroff instead of getting himself killed by traps he sent out his dogs to test them out. He instead of quiting hunting he created a different way to hunt.

The Most Dangerous Game Analysis Essay Example

Zaroff had a the best hunting ability because, he could follow any trail through woods at knight. Animals where know match for at all with his wits about him and his high powerd rifle, and his eys fixed with utmost concentraition on the ground. He was the strongest in the hunt because, he lived for danger and his one poison was the hunt. Zarroff followed armed with pistol of small calliber and range. He was way more confident than Rainsford about what he was doing and he had people work for himself instead of getting his hands dirty.

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