The most important amendments and why

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The most important amendments and why
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Top 5 Amendments

1. Amendment 9 – Unumerated rights. This amendment states that just because a right is not mentioned in the constitution does not mean that the right doesn’t exist. This amendment is important because it protects our natural rights. It keeps in mind the nature of a federal government finding a way to corrupt the laws given by taking away other rights.

2. Amendment 10- Power to the states- All rights not listed in the Constitution belong to the states and the people. This amendment is extremely important because it exhibits that the main power of the constitution lies in the hands of the citizens rather than the federal government. It keeps a certain sense of power in their hands and keeps federalism in tact.

3. Amendment 4 Search and Seizure – This amendment prohibits the government from entering your home and your property without a warrant or reason. It requires an officer to have a probably clause that states what they’re looking for and why. This amendment is important because in the midst of a corrupting government, our privacy and property need to be protected. If an officer could barge in to our home at any time, then they would essentially have the right to invade our privacy without any reason. The police system could easily get corrupted if it isn’t limited in this way, as well. No person should have the ability to walk into anyone’s home for no reason at all.

4. Amendment 2 The right to bare arms- This amendment gives the citizens the right to protect themselves from the government. It allows them the right to carry firearms to protect themselves in the instance of an overbearing government. This is important considering the constant battle between federal and states powers. A federal take-over could occur at any time and citizens are wise to always be prepared.

5. Amendment 14 – citizenship defined – This amendment is important not only because it granted citizenship to slaves but also because it provided the first definition for citizenship. It was a huge step towards civil rights and demanded that the former slaves of America were considered equal. This amendment is also important because it provides the equal protection clause that states that no one can be denied of equal protection from the laws. This amendment exhibits the nature of a nation run by equality- one of the biggest factors that sets the United States apart from many other nations.

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