The most recent by Arctic Monkeys

The first Arctic Monkeys song I heard was “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor”. I sat down 5 years ago and watched Alex Turner tell us not to ‘believe the ‘ype’. Since then, Arctic Monkeys have been one of my favourite bands, hence the high rating.

2006 brought us Alex Turner’s plain t-shirts, jeans and straw hair in the album “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”. Their famous riffs on the guitar have now transformed into deep, heavy bass and drums, proving to be highly effective in today’s UK top 40 as the first track from the album reached number 1 (Do I Wanna Know?).

2013 brings us slicked hair and formal wear. I have also noticed that Alex pouts a lot more than he did back in 2006…
The album fluctuates between relaxing beats – I Wanna Be Yours – to distorted madness – R U Mine? – yet they seem to blend in with one an other and keep the flow of the overall album going. Despite these fluctuating tones, AM is completely different to anything Arctic Monkeys have done before.

I can imagine some people won’t like this change at all but personally, I think the change was needed and they have pulled it off tremendously. “Suck It And See” in 2011 didn’t really take off for me and didn’t do so much for the band either. I am not saying AM is a sell-out album as such, just that Arctic Monkeys have developed in all of the right places which has attracted a much wider range of fans.

“I Wanna Be Yours” is a brilliant closure to the album as Alex Turner seizes the chance to show off his matured voice. His singing voice now has clarity unlike in 2006 when he strained it to emphasise his accent.
The lyrics of this song are based around the words of John Cooper Clarke’s poem – I wanna be yours. Alex Turner has done an excellent job of transforming the words into a beautiful, simple song with elements of British slang which I find quite amusing; Alex wants to be our “lecky meter” that we’ll be “cold without”!

I like the last minute of “Mad Sounds” as it’s very laid back and relaxed. However, I think it’s too different from all of the other songs, possibly indicating the feel of what the next album is going to sound like…I think it should be swapped with “Stop The World…” which is on the B-side album.

‘AM’ immediately dominated my top 5 favourite albums of all time, simply because of Alex Turner’s genius song writing and the bands new heavy bass and drums. The fluctuating tempo is intense and keeps you listening. It will be very hard to top this one.

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