The Most Significant Inventions of the Second Half of XX Century

It is difficult to value the role of scientific invention of the second half of XX century. But we shouldn’t forget that it is would have been impossible without countless ideas and inventions which mankind had made before. Every minute of our life is history in the making. Nowadays technical progress is developing so fast, that people who lived 50 years ago even couldn’t imagine our modern way of life. They couldn’t realize things, which is widespread and habitual for us. Today’s events can soon enter history books as well.

As for me, it is difficult to pick out three the most important inventions from inventions which are not less important than them. So I think that the most significant inventions and events of the last 50 years are: invention of computer, internet and the latest discovery is cloning, which has been made not long ago, in 1997. Our century is a century of developing informational connection. When Charles Babbage invented the first calculating machine in 1812 he could hardly have imagined the situation we find ourselves today. Computer becomes like a brain of human but the only thing it cannot do is to feel.

Nowadays computers play a huge role in our day-to-day life. They simplified our life a lot. Importance of computers increased rapidly. They help housewives in the kitchens and in systems of air traffic control. This invention resulted to other discoveries, like internet and cd-rom. Also a lot of new professions appeared, like programmer and system administrator. Internet was created in the 1969 as the result of a secret project in the USA. However, the internet, in the way we understand it was invented in CERN, in 1980th. Nowadays the internet connects nearly all parts of our planet.

With the help of the internet we can visit museums and art galleries, learn the latest news, prepare home assignment. Also The Internet is used for communication. We can send e-mail and chat with friends and people all over the world. And do many other activities without going out from our homes. In 1997 English scientists managed to create an exact biological copy of a sheep. This method was named cloning. This success led to tough debates in society. Cloning can made a revolution in agriculture; scientists will start cloning the best specimens of plants and animals. It can be useful in medicine.

It will be possible to grow new organs to help ill people, to cure many diseases. Also cloning can use for saving animals which are in danger of extinction. But on the other hand, scientists know very few about in. We don’t know how it will influence on people. I think we live in a very interesting period. There is a rapid progress of technology and science, so by the end of, for example, 2020 our life will have changed greatly. Nearly every day scientists make new inventions. And more over that we don’t even know what it is going to be tomorrow. I believe mankind stand on the threshold of even greatest discoveries.

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