The Motherhood Essay Research Paper THE MOTHERHOODI

8 August 2017

The Motherhood Essay, Research Paper

The Motherhood Essay Research Paper THE MOTHERHOODI Essay Example


I have read the two dramas, & # 8220 ; The Glass Manegerie & # 8221 ; by Tennessee Williams and & # 8220 ; A Raisin in the Sun & # 8221 ; by Lorraine Hansberry, both of have a large impact on me. The two dramas circle around the household values that convey the character of maternity where female parents have to hold a duty to raise, to supply their best and to give for their kids. In these two dramas, even showing otherwise, female parents all show love to their kids ; they all want their kids to hold a happy life. Somehow, each female parent treats their kids different manner, but they have merely one intent: to demo love to their kids. As I experience throughout the two dramas: Amanda, Tom and Laura in & # 8220 ; The Glass menagerie & # 8221 ; , and Mrs. Younger, Walter Younger and Beneatha Younger in & # 8220 ; A Raisin in The Sun & # 8221 ; , I see there are differences and similarities between female parents and their kids.

Introducing foremost, Amanda Winged, a in-between age Southerner is the female parent of Tom and Tom & # 8217 ; s younger sister Laura in the & # 8220 ; The Glass menagerie & # 8221 ; . Most of us are familiar with the term of God born adult females to love their kids, since Amanda is a adult female. Unfortunately she does non handle her kids the manner female parents suppose to. I understand Amanda, she is a consecutive old-traditional, and merely desire her kids to be what she desire. Tom and Laura do non hold a pick ; they have suffered from their female parent and become victims. Amanda has thought that her kids will be all right at the manner she plans but it turns out to be non. Since she is wholly dependent on Tom for fiscal security alternatively of working to back up Tom. On top of that, she is passing excessively much clip to reminiscing about her yesteryear, and remembering herself of how many gentlemen behind her when she was immature. She is non realistic. In add-on, she harasses Tom about traveling to the films every dark, makes him experience guilty at all clip and takes advantage of Tom to maintain him making her occupations. Because she knows that Tom is non a strong adult male. In another word to state, Amanda is selfish and dissembler.

In return, Mrs. Young is a fantastic female parent ; she has suffered and sacrificed for her kids. She ever explains and lesson to her kids alternatively of doing them experience guilty. The Young household starts running into jobs when Mrs. Young ( Mama ) receives about 10s thousand dollars from life insurance of her hubby. With a hapless household likes Young, 10 thousand dollars is truly a dream, it is a immense sum of money that they could ne’er acquire for all of their life. The kids start contending over the money ; every one has his/her ain ground to utilize that money. Mama must calculate out how to maintain the household in peace and together. Mama deeply believes in God and lives her life in & # 8220 ; cultural and cultural pride & # 8221 ; . She normally negotiations about how her coevals has won its freedom and proud to be able no longer be slaves. At the terminal of the drama, even she failed to convert Walter non to set the money in the spirits shop but she made her commitmen

T, she has what she has fought for all of her life, her household now all together in love, felicity and forgiveness.

Tom, a boy of Amanda, a poet, with no anchor gets a occupation in a warehouse and does non hold any program for his calling. He is trapped by his female parent and has suffered from that. However, Tom is funny about how he takes attention of the household, particularly his younger sister. Recently, Tom gives up non because of his ability but because of his lovely female parent & # 8217 ; s demands. He tries to acquire away with it by passing clip to travel to the films every dark. I feel so regretful for Tom ; he is no strong plenty to confront with his female parent to decide his household & # 8217 ; s jobs.

On the other manus, Walter Young, a boy of Mama, has a large aspiration going affluent after seeing the 10 thousand dollars look into comes into Mama & # 8217 ; s manus. Walter is really a operator and has no regard from his household. His dream is to have a spirits shop and to gain a batch of money so his boy will be able to travel to college. More than that, Walter know this is the lone opportunity he can reconstruct his regard and his self-esteem, but a game of going wealthy without ability is the folly comes with it. Unfortunately Walter is cheated by his friends and he lost all the money comes from Mama merely because he is excessively trustful and out of touch. However, Walter & # 8217 ; s neglect redeems a valuable lesson for him. He accomplishes what Mama has told him earlier but he ne’er listens.

A secondary chief character in & # 8220 ; The Glass Menagerie & # 8221 ; who every reader has to be regretful for her is Laura, girl of Amanda Winged. She is sort of an interior individual who is ever put in fresh and reasonably for gentlemen companies. Even she tries several clip to take part in the universe out side but she failed because of her breakability. On top of that, a handicapped individual is frequently in lower status composite ; therefore she merely is passing her clip in the universe of glass menagerie at place and maintaining out of her head of what Amanda terrors about her hereafter. Unlike Laura, Beneatha Younger, girl of Mama in & # 8220 ; A Raisin in the Sun & # 8221 ; , is a strong miss and really & # 8220 ; intellectually proud & # 8221 ; with everyone she comes into contact with and dreams of a medical-school. For case, when she talks to her female parent about Joseph Asagai she speaks down to her ma who treats her like a small kid. She feels school and larning her heritage to Africa is the most of import thing in her life. The following manner Beneatha & # 8217 ; s pride gets in the manner of esteeming her female parent & # 8217 ; s intelligence is when she asks her ma non to & # 8220 ; inquire any nescient inquiries about Africa & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; This abuses Mama while doing Beneatha look knowing and grandiloquent.

After all, even merely for one intent, the love, mother have to make every thing for their kids. Mothers need to happen the pride to do the households stay together, that is a strongest bond. From the two dramas I learn that, household values are the most of import for one & # 8217 ; s life, because it is how a adult male goon is built from. Mothers are the 1s who give us the roots and plume to be work forces.

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