The Movie Riview of My Sister’s Keeper

10 October 2016

Just follow the instructions below Write in your own words & DO NOT Plagiarize [pic] ? Go watch a movie (preferably one with some ethical values) ? Review the ethical values of the movie ? Write a 5-page report (font Arial 11 & 1 ? spacing. ) excluding the cover & salutation pages (if you write less than 5 pages you are actually penalizing yourself & if you write more than 5 pages I would penalize you) ?

This is a formal report so no colorful pages, no cartoons or flowery cover page but you may insert appropriate clip arts or download appropriate photos to make reading more interesting ? Go to pages 18 – 27 & learn by yourself before you start writing your essay! Compulsory Contents: Write in an essay format Page 1: ? Write only ? page (not more) synopsis about the movie. Do not plagiarize the synopsis. ? Identify the stakeholders and explain their stakes ? Identify the main Villain & also the Hero / Heroine in the movie ? Discuss ethical dilemma (s) of the Villian Discuss ethical dilemma (s) of the Hero / Heroine Page 2 & 3:

Review the movie by writing on the following: ? Study the actions that happened in the movie, then analyze the following: o Discuss the ethical / moral and legal (if any) issues in the movie o Discuss the actions taken by the Villian from a consequentialist point of view o Discuss the actions taken by the hero / heroine from a deontology point of view Page 4: Put yourself in the Villain’s shoes: ? What ethical actions based on the Golden Rule would you have taken if you were in his / her shoes? Cite the feelings of remorse / guilt / shame that you would feel as the villain.

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Page 5: Discuss about the lessons you have learnt from the movie. Pour your heart out! Note: You must use the following terminology in your essay: egoism, altruism, Consequentialism, Deontology, Justice (any one of the three: distributive, compensatory or retributive), Golden Rule, Self-Interest, Enlightened, John Rawl’s Veil of Ignorance, Vices & Virtues, benefits & burdens, Well-off, fair, rights (hak), benevolence, syaithaniyya, Aql Follow all the instructions carefully & you would earn GREAT Distributive Justice THE END of Instructions for Movie Review

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